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Chemical PE Appointment

Chemical PE Appointment

Wanted to let the group know that I have an consultation appointment next week with Boston Medical Group for chemical PE.

More $$ in the pursuit of size (and reliability and stamina). $195 for the appointment plus some serious gas money for the drive.

If anyone can offer an tips on having the most successful 1st visit outcome I would appreciate it. Although I am interested in the ED and premature ejaculation aspects of the treatment my 1st aim as you can imagine is size.


It’s $195 for the 1st appointment, how about for the entire procedure (excluding gas, etc.)? Does the process work by giving you shots in your cock of a chemical that engorges it for an extended period of time? Good luck buddy!

The cost of gas and the appt. will be nothing. You are going to pay many, many times the going cost of the drugs at Boston Medical.



Yeah the cost stated ($195 + Gas) is for the 1st appointment only. Yes as you will see with other related posts the treatment is centered on shots to your dick.

I have seen several posts regarding the big markup on the drugs but what choice does one have? Not sure there is another supply source. Is there?

If you have ED you should have no trouble finding and working with a good urologist using bi- or trimix and at a far lower cost than what you will end up spending with B. M.

One of our posters on the impotence forums shocked us by relating that he spent over $1200 with Boston Medical, and was asked to sign a non-disclosure statement. What do these people have to hide, you wonder? You need to ask whether you will be given a prescription for the drug refillable at a compounding pharmacy near you, or required to return to them each time you need a refill.



I’m going to use my own post to ask what I this is an important question for Chemical PE newbies.

In order to gain size through chemical PE does one have to keep the chemical induced erections for a certain amount of time, e.g., 1 hr., 2.hrs., etc.? And if you are only prescribed doses that say give you 1 hr. erections is there no chance in gaining size?

Also, what quadmix? dosage does one need to give you an erection for 2 hours?

The theory of Chemical PE, using injectibles, hasn’t been shown to be a valid one yet in terms of gains, at least from one’s reads of many posts here. Guys check in. They say, “Haven’t measured yet”; “Too soon to tell, etc.”

If you are following the tail of this, I’d suggest you work on getting your own ED handled - though injectibles, if that is the necessary course. Meanwhile, see what the seasoned guinea pigs have to say about this.

My bet, by the way, is that Boston Medical has made no size gain claims, although they do claim to cure ED, which is bullshit.



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