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Circumcised guys have larger FLACCID glans


Originally Posted by TryingtoGetsome
Hey Bart, while we are on the subject of training to keep the foreskin pulled back, do you know of a website that can help me cure my phimosis ( I don’t want to go to the doctor).

Sorry TryingtoGetsome, I don’t know of any website about phimosis, but I think I had very mild phimosis when I was little. Due to my nature of curiosity when I was a young teen, I tried retracting my foreskin frequently and it was kind of difficult at first. I wasn’t able to fully retract it till I tried numerous times. After I got to the point where I could pull the foreskin down to the coronal ridge I couldn’t pull it down any further because I noticed that my foreskin was still attached to the coronal ridge of my glans. At the time it seemed odd to me like it shouldn’t be like that, but I wasn’t familar with what other penises looked like. Either way, as more time passed I continually kept retracting my foreskin and it eventually separated one day. It wasn’t painful or anything and there was no blood. During this whole process, I noticed that it got easier and easier to pull my foreskin back and sometimes it would even retract on its on.

Today, my foreskin (if any) is very loose and it doesn’t have a strangling grip anymore. While doing some brief research on phimosis on Wikipedia, I found a blurb about stretching your own foreskin to eliminate phimosis and I think I did just that when I was retracting my foreskin as a very young teen. I don’t have a severe case of phimosis and I’m not sure if it would even be considered a case of phimosis, but my penis has gotten bigger and tightness of my foreskin is not same as when I was a kid.

Not sure if it would help you, but you could give it a try.

Phimosis - Wikipedia


I had that thing when I was a kid, It was gone over time, mainly due to masturbation and curiosity (I knew something is wrong, so I tried to retract it each time I pissed etc.). I never went to a doctor, never consulted anyone. Skin stretches over time, BUT if I could change it, I’d go to doctor back then and get cut (don’t want to do this now, due to the healing time and the fact that I’m after puberty so scar gonna look worse than if I’d do it when I was a kid).

Currently I’m trying that plastic wrap thing I found on the yahoo group Bart posted. It works when it’s on (foreskin never cover glans, even when I sit, crouch etc.) and it doesn’t affect your blood flow since it’s based on friction (wrap vs skin) not the tight pressure.

I wish I were cut.

Thanks Bart and Liscie. I checked the link you gave me Bart and it kind of helped.

I’ve recently started this thread: Stealth Innerwear

I have yet to receive it but this product is designed to increase the APPEARANCE of the flaccid penis under clothing but is reputed to have the added benefit of keeping the glans exposed for those of us who are not circumcised and want to keep the foreskin retracted.

Originally Posted by Yataghan50
I think there is no doubt about it. Erect, there is little difference - except cut guys have the more prominent coronal ridge.

But flaccid. Judging by all the guys I have ever seen showering after sports, and by all the pics on the net - uncut guys tend to taper down towards the glans. Pulled back, there is little coronal ridge development, glans are moist and usually a bit smaller to noticeably smaller than the shaft.

Cut guys when flaccid tend to have fairly large and prominent glans, and I think it is more than an illusion. Maybe its because the glans can develop more without being restricted by the skin? Maybe it’s because they keratanise, develop a few layers of extra skin and therefore thicken. What do you think?

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Do you ever read the last posting date when you post guys? This thread has been dead for 4 years and half.

Yea I was wondering the same thing. Looks like Lovingit loves to use the search function ;) I’ve done this a couple of times too.

Anyway, in case anyone wants to reopen this thread..

I had phimosis growing up, although I had no idea what it was called and that it was a condition till 5 minutes ago.

I didn’t lose my virginity till I was 18 because I was in an all boys boarding school and lost it only when I came to college.

Believe it or not, I had never retracted my foreskin until then. I mean not even flaccid. I had no idea my glans didn’t even look how I thought it did and even thought something was wrong(but it felt so right!) when it was unsheathed when having sex.

The girl I was with could not figure out for the life of her why my foreskin was so tight and had trouble pulling down when I had an erection. (In case you’re wondering, yes, I used to masturbate with a sheathed sword for years!)

I think phimosis is part of the reason I had smaller penis, because it constantly restricted a bit of the blood flow.

So how did I manage this?

Simple, I did what Bart did.

I just pulled that sucker back and let my junk hang out all the time. Hurt like hell at first and was crazy sensitive.

I wouldn’t call what I did as “training” just that I liked how it looked and felt when it was out. Hung a bit lower and looked more full. Also, being naked in the sun was an awesome feeling hehe.. I like to walk around naked in the sun.

How are things now?

Great. Most girls think my penis is actually circumcised including my ex. I told her I wasn’t and she just looked at my cock confused. It looks like a circumcised cock with, fortunately or unfortunately, and donut behind the glans. I though it was unsightly at first but the girls like the extra friction.

The only downside is the vein. The main vein on my penis used to run from the base and the do like a you-turn in the foreskin on the glans to the main connecting spot. The you-turn, I believe is because of an underdeveloped cock. I think when I grow a couple of inches it will be straight when erect. Anyway, when my foreskin is retracted, the vein kinda bunches up on the side of my penis which could look pretty bad at times. I’ve never had anyone be disgusted by my cock or anything but its my only personal issue with it. Would be great if some of the vets could give me an idea on how to make this vein have a less profound appearance on my member. (Could also be a thrombosed vein?)

Sorry for the long post guys, I broke it up so it was more readable.

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Originally Posted by Bart
I am uncut and for the last 15 years I’ve been keeping my forskin retracted at all times. It took a while to train it, but once I got it to stay like that regular my glans started to slowly get bigger over time. Since I started gaining length from PE the amount of forskin I have while erect has decreased and become tighter (almost looking cut at times). My glans hasn’t decreased in size and has remains enlarged to this date.

Have done the exact same thing, my skin is almost always retracted like you describe. Used to have quite tight foreskin in my youth now it’s barely enough to cover my glans and it hangs a little bit fuller when it’s retracted I do believe.

A friend of mine, who I’m certain knows absolutely nothing about PE, mentioned to me that his glans has become bigger after circumcision. He had phimiosis or whatever it’s called, so he had an adult circumcision.

No offence but surely no activity on a thread for a long period of time doesn’t make the content of that thread or any subsequent posts unimportant or redundant.

Viking, did you find the foreskin resisted and returned to cover the glans?

I am not too sure about this as I am uncut and do not have a large glans, but one day I came to thinking about this topic and possibly it could be because people who get circumcised would obviously become swollen for a period of time after the removal of the skin. I am not sure if this could increase the size as such. Though I would not recommend being cut due to the fact that you lose a part of your penis and it is correct you have extra skin which can make flaccid state appear bigger if genetics prove to give you a decent size. Also why would you want to lose sensitivity.

Another thing about being uncut was, for me, when I masturbated I would do it over the foreskin, I.e. Kind of stretching the skins over the glans in a back and forth motion, rather that pulling it back and stroking the glans. I think that doing this while masturbating restricts the amount of blood flow to the glans, until the point of ejaculation when if fills up with blood all the way.

Cut guys, on the other hand, have no skin there to sheath the head so masturbating becomes like a series of mini jelqs. Where the glans is fully engorged.

This is just my theory so please correct me if I’m wrong.

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Well, I am cut and have a nice shape and size glans. Thing is, I’m a megga grower, so it does not do me a lot of good when flaccid. Some guys have a very tight foreskin (phimosis) which obviously constricts and corsets the head over may years while the dude is growing. I suppose it’s the opposite of PE! But somewhere on TPs there is a thread about stretching the foreskin to correct this. Some guys have foreskins so loose, they almost look circumcised when erect.

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