Clamp ... clarifications.

Hello colleagues, this time wanting to go to get some doubts about the clamp and that I have been practicing it for about 6 months as it should be done. I was reading a lot to Big Girtha and many others who have very dominated this technique, unfortunately in my country we do not have the plastic clamps like the cable clamp or the cablecuff so he had to opt for the metal hardware clamps that are dangerous and I have Much afraid that some day its mechanism is displaced but I work a lot for the brand not to be trapped, selling doing stretching-hangings (I go varying the days), 300 wet jelqs and finish with 3x10 clamp as many consolidation with two Clamps at the base, My big question is in a 8/9 pressure with the entrance of flow and making it impossible to exit by setting on a scale of 1 to 10, We should close the clamp and stimulate until the dick does not give us more, ha Read that with the plastic many members said that closing it in 4 clicks before obtaining definitive profits in the go and closing them 8 clicks before the obtained final thickness, q Does it mean that we should have a little more open to allow a better entry and exit more fluid?, We assume that we should never close completely and not exceed 12 minutes with them

Another question I have is just a single exercise and there is only to do manual exercises with them after a time of conditioning of the same, in the forum we have a topic that talks about manual exercises with clamp, I have done and I made profits but The Verga no longer has the same expansion that can get to just stimulate since the manual meter generates a lot of stress and in that case and we are forced to close a little more of the clamp to not lose the erection. We must also make horse440 so that the blood stays in the bottom and work more the trunk and a week intercalar clamps in the base and another week with horse?. Another doubt is that it was said that the clamp is the last exercises, “the final barrier” some were said as the robe becomes harder and much harder to get gains in length and can even slow them down is something that if you put A thought but the Spanish Poyajierro told me in a past subject that he got a good synergy with the clamp and hangings. I would like to read your doubts if you have them as I do.

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