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Clamping problem

Clamping problem

So when I first started clamping at the base, it was like all hell broke loss. Big blue veins and a .5 inches in girth. A real monster basically. However fast forward 6-7 days later my clamping kinda died down. I would always clamp without any notches left on my clamp and it would give a real tight grip on my dick. However, recently it doesn’t feel tight anymore. Plus my veins still pop out alot but not like how it did in the beginning. Is this a normal thing that happens since your dick is conditioned to the excercise or is it because I’m maybe losing girth at the base of my dick? I really don’t want to add another clamp because I just started since another clamp might be alittle to intense.

I also never clamp with a cloth or anything. I just use the clamp on my bare penis. I tried clamping with small mouse strip or cut of a shirt but it hard to clamp farther down the base. My dick has the “baseball bat effect” and I wanna try to clamp as lowest as I can. So I gave up with the cloth and just use some Vaseline to even slip the clamp farther down my base.

Start 2/10/08 (BPEL 6") (EG 5.5") (BPFL 4)

Goal (BPEL 8 1/2") (EG 6.5") (BPFL 7) (FG ?")

Come on?


Start 2/10/08 (BPEL 6") (EG 5.5") (BPFL 4)

Goal (BPEL 8 1/2") (EG 6.5") (BPFL 7) (FG ?")

I don’t have a lot of experience clamping - just started. And I can’t comment on your question. However, I bought an air clamp from Allows a lot of control when clamping - quick tightening and releasing - and it’s comfortable. Although you can’t easily get it right down to the base as the width of the pressure cuff must be about two inches. Works for me though.

Recently posted more info on my clamping experiences here:

Tons of Red Spots After Clamping…


ouch- clamping with no padding? that sounds painful- I also think you get better clamping with padding as the padding’s sponginess/elasticity provides better compression with lower pressure. As far as my clamping- I can’t get too far down the base as it starts to pinch my sack. one thing I notice is that it can be hit and miss so if you tighten your clamp say 70% of your max and leave it for a minute or two more blood will pump in but not out giving you a fuller erection- then just tighten it up as needed.

As far as padding I get pipe insulation and cut it to size and also cut down the depth (like filleting a fish) and I find this much better than the mouse pad- the key is to get the super soft insulation- not the hard foam stuff. Another secret is using monkeybars compression sleeves (not sure that’s the real name) and cutting them down to cover from just below your head to the top of your circumcision scar- this helps prevent fluid build up.

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