Clamping Test - Help Needed

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It is believed that expansion due to clamping is minimal and if it is greater than 1/4” it is lymph fluid build up and not expansion of the tunica. I think it is possible to disprove this theory.

I have used a technique in clamping that yields about an inch in expansion at the base of the penis. It is my theory that the Corpus Spongiosum (CS) is much more expandable than the Corpus Cavernosum (CC). Also the CS is bigger at the base of penis, so the base is able to expand much larger than the shaft. This expansion is not due to fluid build up.

Clampers Test:

Control: Please report your total time in the clamps and your normal expansion at the base and behind the head.

Try my method:

1. Clamp as low (clamps positioned as close to the base of your penis as possible) as you can with two clamps for 10 to 15 minutes - maintain 100% erection. Keep track of your time.
2. Then clamp again as low as you can with one clamp - get 100% erection, and then clamp underneath the first clamp (closer to your body). Do not let the first clamp move up your shaft when placing the second clamp. Maintain 100% erection for about 10 to 15 minutes. You may even be able to click the top clamp another time once you placed the second clamp underneath.
3. Repeat Step 2.
4. Repeat Step 2 again. After a couple of minutes, take off the top clamp. Your erection will go down a little so do what you can to get it back up to 100%. Stimulation and pushing the clamp into the body as well another click or 2.
5. Wait 5 minutes, while still clamped measure your base girth right above the clamp. Not also whether you consider it edema or real expansion?

Thanks for helping.

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