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Comfortable ADS

Comfortable ADS

I bought a couple of these (pictured) Titan Man cock rings about six weeks ago from a site that was promoting them as ball stretching devices. As it turns out, when I use two of them as cock rings, held in place by homemade device that I will explain later, it functions rather nicely as an ADS. The advantages it has as an ADS are:

It can be worn comfortably all day
The amount of stretch can be adjusted by adding more 2” rings, or by cutting a ring in half to add 1”
It can be worn without the appearance that you have telescope in your jeans
It’s cheap ($7 per ring)
It can be removed in two seconds flat if necessary

Maybe labeling this as a stretching device is not correct, but for me it serves to keep me fully extended all day long. The effects I have noticed in about a month of use are 1) a longer flaccid hang, and 2) a fuller hang. The longer flaccid hang was an expected result, but I’m not quite sure why my hang has become fuller as a result of use. Maybe my penis is responding to the squeeze of the rings by rebounding with more flaccid girth? Since the material is super soft, it really doesn’t exert the stretching force of a standard steel-rod extender, but then again the level of comfort cannot compare.

A couple of things to keep in mind. First, the device may be too tight for men with ample girth. My girth is on the small side at 4.9” and it works great for me. Second is I’m not sure how men that are uncircumcised would hold the device in place comfortably. I have no experience in that area, so if any of you uncut guys have any suggestions, please chime in.

Here is how I put it on in the morning: First I slide on about three inches of a comfort sleeve made from one of those Scunci hairbands that Monty sells. Then, just just below the head, I wrap about one foot of the stretchy band they use to hold bandages in place. I believe it is called Conform, but it is highly elastic and sticks to itself. It comes in a variety of widths, but I use the 3/4” size. This makes about 3-4 loops around my penis, and serves to hold the series of cock rings in place. I DO NOT stretch the Conform as I wrap, otherwise circulation would be restricted. Once the band has been fully wrapped, I then fold over the excess comfort sleeve, about an inch from each direction. This wrapping process was cumbersome at first, but now takes less that two minutes. Once the wrap is complete, I pull on the cock rings making sure my skin is not twisted or folded. The multi-layered wrap serves to keep the rings in place securely behind the head.

Please feel free to ask questions, as it is rather difficult to explain the wrapping technique without the use of pictures. I suppose I could post how-to photos in the Member Pics forum if anyone is interested.

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Upon further reflection, could a Mod please move this thread to the Main Member Forum? I think it is better suited to that forum.

I used a similar system a while back but with lead fishing weights that I bought for about £3 each. I would put on one of the autoxsleeves from monkeybar and then slide them on. Generally putting something at the end to prevent them falling off. I was an ok DIY system. I was a little time consuming putting on and taking off and occasionally it failed and they fell off :(

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Thanks T!

Those look awesome.

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