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Different depths of discoloration

Different depths of discoloration

Remember how Aristocane had that very dramatic discoloration from clamping alone? I imagine that kind of discoloration might be different from the more common discolorations due to hanging and jelqing. Now, from reading the “shedding the snake thread” I am optimistic that the latter type of discoloration can be remedied with chemical pealing. However, do people think discoloration from intense clamping would be addressable in the same way?

I picture that intense clamping causes bruising/blood vessel, capillary, etc. Breakage from sort of inside to out (occurring on the interface of cc/tunica to inside of outer skin), whereas clamping for example would be doing it on the outer surface of the skin. I would never want to risk having discoloration that couldn’t be reduced considerably in one way or other. However, the potential for girth growth from clamping as demonstrated by Aristocane’s results are very compelling and tempting (especially for someone who wants girth much more than length). My concern is that whereas the chemical peals work great for reducing discoloration that started on the outside surface of the skin, they would not be nearly as effective for discoloration from intense clamping.

What do people think?

I don’t understand why everyone is trying to avoid discoloration..

You think women won’t like it?

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

Originally Posted by kaan
I don’t understand why everyone is trying to avoid discoloration..
You think women won’t like it?

Yeah exactly, most women won’t notice it anyway. If one does, tell her to suck it off :D .

As a matter of fact I have been specifically told by a girl that they prefer the dick to be at least reasonably similar to the color of the rest of their body. But anyway, aside from this, I like the color of my dick the way it is right now and would bothered by splotches, browning, purple, etc. And I am not alone in this as evidenced by the very frequent discussion of discoloring in the forum.

Anyway, anyone have opinions on whether or not the same approach to clearing up surface discoloration from jelqing/hanging/etc would work for the discoloration from clamping?

Originally Posted by vkn1
Anyway, anyone have opinions on whether or not the same approach to clearing up surface discoloration from jelqing/hanging/etc would work for the discoloration from clamping?

I don’t understand why you think discoloration from clamping is different from discoloration from any other exercise. Aristo got extreme discoloration from an extreme routine. I got discoloration from jelqing and pumping and so far, nothing from clamping.

Well I’m hoping there is no difference and that all discoloring is the same and can be cleared up by chemical peals. However, I’m guessing (just a guess) that since the stress of clamping occurs from the inside out whereas the stress from jelqing and hanging occurs from outside to inside, then removing surface layers of skin with peels wouldn’t remove discoloration as well because the source of discoloration is from below. Does anyone know what I mean?

The idea with clamping is to cause the dick to develop tremendous pressure on the inside, so the stress is on the inner side of the skin of your penis. Thus, I would think that the worst capillary breakage, bruising, etc is happening in deep layers of the skin. Thus, a chemical peal which serves to remove outer layers of skin would not be removing the discoloration since the discoloration is actually in the deeper layers. Chemical peals work for removing discoloration from external stress because the iron deposits, darkening, etc. Is in the outer layers of skin.

Is this clear?


Discoloration is always something about the “outer” level of the skin.

Clamping and jelqing produce the same type of pressure in the dick. You apply an “inwards” pressure while squeezing with hand or clamping, the result is an “outwards” pressure established inside the dick.. (which is the real pressure that enlarges the dick)
The reason of discoloration is the explosion of red blood cells. And the molecules in them that give color to the blood accumulate in the skin, that’s it.

So discoloration and bruises are different things.
You need a better understanding of anatomy and the principles of enlargement:
Revisiting Plastic Deformation

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

We worry about discoloration. Let me fill you in on discoloration from a woman’s perspective. I have a totally honest relationship with my wife, no secrets ever so I discussed this with her.

She said that the more experienced a man is the darker his dick is. She pointed out how much mine has darkened in the 15 years we’ve been together. She told me that when she was younger and single that if she was with a man who had a very dark penis it usually meant he had good staying power and didn’t cum too soon - this leads me to think that having very full erections for a long time leads to the discoloration.

She said the trade off is that yes, a darkened penis is very unattractive but usually the sex with a man who’s penis has darkened from lots of sex is going to be better. She did say that if she had to choose between two identical men with identical personalities and identically sized and shaped penises she would pick the lighter one for appearance but would have probably have had a better time with the darker one.

Then she told me that if the PE efforts work but cause it to be big and dark, it will still be fine. No asthetic reasons, simply because of how it would feel better. Then I asked her, “considering that it may get very dark, should we keep doing this?” Her answer was, “yes definitely, I’ve loved you for 15 years with a perfectly shaped, perfectly colored penis that was too small, why wouldn’t I love you the same with a dark, discolored one that’s big enough?” Then she said, “I don’t have sex with you because of the color or size of your dick, I do it because I love and want to be with you and it feels good. If being with you can feel even better than it does now without you having to work so hard at it…it is worth it.”

So, keep doing your exercises, don’t worry so much about the color, just make Mr. Wiggly into the legend and she won’t care.

Exactly, they dislike discoloration. Thank you for backing me up. I personally think my dick is darker not from years of boning but rather from years of masturbating (not because I don’t bone plenty but just because I masturbate so much more than bone) — I think it discolors from that for same reason it discolors from jelqing.

But anyway, the ultimate then is having the advantages of plenty of experience and PE, only WITHOUT the discoloration. That’s why I’m so interested in whether or not the techniques proven to work on discoloration from hanging and jelqing would also work on discoloration from clamping. I wish someone with discoloration from clamping (Aristocane would be perfect, for example) would try “shedding the snake” and see what the results are.

Originally Posted by vkn1
Exactly, they dislike discoloration. Thank you for backing me up.

But let’s not forget that although they may not like the appearance of the discoloration, they do like the implication of a good lay that’s about to happen. If you darken from your efforts, and your efforts are successful, it is not going to be a turn-off or a reason for them to suddenly get un-horny and say no when your dick comes out.

Women do like experience and the self confidence and “charisma” that comes from that experience. If experience darkens it, and it does, it just stands to reason that this is not a reason for the discoloration, although unattractive, to not become a total turn off.

Now, if I return to this thread far in the future when I’ve finished building “the legend” and cry because I’ve been cut off because, “it’s just too dark and ugly now”, we’ll know that I was very wrong.

Somewhere on this forum was a thread started by Thunder that mentioned wrapping as a way to reverse discoloration. Apparently it works. As a way to keep my color as normal as possible, I’m stretched and wrapped just barely tight enough to hold the stretch right now. I’m sorry I don’t know where it is, I’m still fairly new to the forum, but it would be worth a search and read.

To the best of my understanding, get a wrap like the homemedics wrist wrap or something similar and just put it around your penis tight enough to keep it stretched out, but not tight enough to impede circulation. I’m using an ace wrap now because the wrist strap I got is too big and only useful as a “package enhancer” wrapped around the whole package before going out in public at times that a bulge might be acceptable or even nice to have.

Edit: Found it. There was a reply to it today, that’s why I saw it and remembered it. Wrapping to remove discoloration

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Littlehobo, I seriously don’t mean to get into an argument here.

But I would like to know, what the hell kind of scientific basis does your wife have for making that kind of statement? Because to me, that is the stuff that myths, the like of which hurt us all, are made out of.

I would honestly like to hear the theory.

Just observations she’s made over the years from personal experience. When we met, she was 32 years old so had some experience. She wasn’t born the day we met after all. She’s noticed that the more experienced guys tend to know what they are doing and are more pleasing to have sex with. Those who were better in bed tended to have darker colored penises. She said the best ever, who she lived with for a while was the palest, whitest guy she’d ever known and his penis was almost black. He apparently had LOTS of experience. No scientific evidence, no proof, just anecdotal information relayed to me from her personal experience.

I’ve personally noticed with my own that it used to be very light colored. It darkened up when I started having sex. The longer I live and the more I have it, the darker it gets. Now that the impotence is gone and I’m having it every day, it seems to be getting darker every time I see it.

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