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Wrapping to remove discoloration


Wrapping to remove discoloration


What do you think is happening to remove the discoloration when using a wrap? Would an occassional hot wrap help the problem or have an adverse effect? Will wrapping just the discolored area be prefered to the whole shaft?

A little intimidated being the first guy to post a question here. But, oh well, someone had to be first. :)

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Well, I am glad you asked for what I think. I really do not know what the actual physical mechanism is for this. But I have a 95% confidence rate that wrapping is the reason for the disappearing of my discoloration.

I think that the discoloration is not actual bruising. Rather it is a pushing of blood into unusual areas under pressure of jelqing, ulis or hanging. The blood crosses semipermeable membranes that usually retain the blood. The pressure moves it into interstitial (sp?) spaces. When the pressure is removed, it is stuck there.

Be careful not to wrap too tight, or you will cut down the amount of blood flowing INTO the area above the wrap. The single reason this is effective is the inflow of blood is internal while the outflow of blood is external.

When you wrap below (toward the base) the discolored area, pressure will begin to build up if the wrap is tight enough. The wrap will retard the return flow of blood. Then the swelling above the wrap will further reduce the flow. However, at some point, the pressure built up above the wrap will become great enough to push past the wrap. That is, if the wrap is loose enough.

When you have done this several times, it is possible to have a relatively normal flow of blood and a goodly amount of pressure above the wrap. If the pressure is high enough, the semipermable membranes will open allowing the formerly trapped blood to escape. Or it could be if wrapped long enough, fluid rather than blood is pushed into the spaces effectively ‘washing’ the old trapped blood out. Whatever, the old blood will be removed given enough time under pressure.

When you have experimented with this for a while, it is possible to wear the wrap in public for hours. If the pressure becomes too high, it may require a gentle squeeze on the head to relieve some. However, it will build up again fairly quickly.

IMHO, this will also substantially increase the size of the head and upper shaft. It is also great for holding the expansion after an Uli session or jelqing. Once mastered, I think this is the ultimate passive PE.

Make sure the wrapped area is wide enough. You want to use at least 1.5 inch strips of elastic wrap and cover an area a couple inches wide. This will be much more comfortable.




The “washed out/displaced by fluid” idea seems logical to me. The reason being, I never had any discoloration when I was pumping on a regular basis. This discoloration now, may be due to the fact that I started a more intense dry jelq routine when I stopped pumping. Then again, the fluid buildup while under vacuum may have been keeping the discoloration under control on a regular basis. My old routine was not as intense, but lasted at least twice as long as my present routine does. Basically the same exercises, but with lube and less pressure.

I’ll log my time with the wrap and post results here when I notice a difference.

Thanks Bigger!

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I have had no problems with this in the short time I have been PEing, and have only seen this appear recently on BA’s forum.

I assume you are referring to ‘permament’ or long-lasting discoloration. Just how common an occurance is this? Is it something to be expected and difficult to avoid?


I've been lucky, too.

However, I may in the future play around with this idea, both technique and availible materials to use for it just in case. Seems more common among folks who built their hangers. Oddly enough, I only have a slight discoloration around the circ scar and I got it from manual stretching by hand. In the exact place I felt disconfort and all in a one short session. Wouldn’t speculate on all cases, but I know one can definately get it from a skin pinch. IOW, an acute pressure or “scrunching” of the skin. Have had no problems with production model hanger and heavy weights so far and never got it from jelqing, either. Surprisingly, squeezing and Uli’s never produced any discoloration. I assume this is due to a larger contact area and greater distribution of pressure. groa


Well, yes, of course, that new type hanger on the market will much reduce the incidence of discoloration. Certaintly, without doubt, yes yes.

I was writing about any discoloration. Whether from old hangers, or jelqing or whatever. Also, the head enlarging part. I actually had two spots on the head of my dick since I can remember. I thought they were liver spots or birthmarks. They disappeared after wrapping for some time. I now assume they were from a nasty zipper incident when I was a small child. To me, this seems like Clorox. It will take out anything.


For me, especially at the beginning, it was a problem. As I moved up in time and intensity, it could get fairly beat up looking. I guess it is not as much of a problem for others as I thought.


More frequent reports..

It seems to me like more guys are reporting/concerned about discoloration lately. I have no proof of this, but I noticed the “reports” started to increase about the time that “the squeeze” started catching on.

If I remember correctly though, JAPP and SWM22 had/were concerned about discoloration about a year ago, pre-squeeze. They were both heavy jelqers. I don’t remember anyone else being concerned about it then.

Just rambling over my first cup of coffee…

Bigger, what hanger are you referring too? :)

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Interesting about the jelqers

Squeezers too. Reason I layed of those ex.’s for a while was the tendency to swell quite a bit form even a short session. Maybe that predisposition kept me from getting discoloration similar to your pumping theory, Thunder. There are actually words for the different types of swelling associated with this, though I can’t recall them. Saw several on “post surgery complication” lists. One other thing I’ve wondered about on the discoloration with respect to blood moving/pressure techniques is if lube has anything to do with it. Always used vaseline…and went through alot of it in those days. Were does it all go? Does the type used play any role? I assume that a least some is forced into the penis, although I wouldn’t imagine it goes very deep. Maybe that causes some reaction swell (endema?) just becuase of a foriegn substance entering/being forced deeper into the skin. Most lubes/topicals are not intended to be used in the manner in which we use them in PE and it may well be possible that some can penetrate enough through vigorous action to fill the spaces that Bib mantioned in the upper layers of skin. Or maybe not. I swear I went through a gallon of stuff though, and it went somewhere. groa



Another possibility may be that it affects those who jelq heavily who perhaps hang high loads. I’ve never had hour long jelq sessions although some pretty intense ones, and I’m still only hanging at 4kg (8.8lbs, which by the way is no prob with the BIB, and my wrap leaves a lot to be desired). This seems to corroborate what was said above too.


Discoloration and wrapping

Hey guys,
OK here is my thoughts. I guess there is bruising and then there is discoloration. It would be great to have a doctor explain it in detail. I guess when I think about it, the bruises are short term surface type and the discoloration is the long term deep color (just a theory or way to make sence of it for me). When I was jelqing very heavily I would get the dots. As I progressed they became more numerous. In the beginning they were a few big ones but later they became smaller and more numerous. The whole shaft would be hundreds of dots. It looked like it was solid at times and then when I looked closely it was a bunch of dots close together. One time a doctor looked at the fewer bigger dots and told me they were tiny broken blood vessels.

When hanging with the old modified bib I would get really bruised up. The causes were numerous, the clamp, pressure etc. Switching to the new hanger changed my hanging life. I still however get a bruise or discoloration (whatever you want to call it). This is different than the dots but more solid. The other was dots, but this one looks more like the bruise you get when someone hits your leg etc. It is pretty much permanent unless I take off several days. Even after these few weeks off there is still a trace of it. Anyway, it is from the skin that is between the hanger and the head when hanging. It folds over the head and the skin gets bruised. I have to keep refining and perfecting the wrap and adjustment etc. The smaller hanger might help when I get started again.

As far as Japp goes I believe it was the hanging that caused his discoloration. He mainly jelqed yes, but he tried hanging for a while and was always disappointed with the discoloration and tried everything but it did not help so he quit hanging. (That is the best I can remember).

Now using the wrap is interesting. Bigger, I am glad you mentioned the width of the wrap and how we should spread out the wrap a little for comfort. I was trying to use a 1.25 wrap and keep in one area. I would get totally hard first and then wrap it real tight at the base. This prevented me from being able to wear it for a while and was also hurting my injury too. So when I resume this I will wrap higher away from the base where my injury is, and spread out the wrap more. Also let the pressure build up naturally and perfect the right amount of pressure and expansion of the head and upper shaft.

I did not use the wrap for discoloration. I only used it several times to hold the girth after PE, which is more pressure. When I wrapped very tight and it really expanded, but the bruise would get worse. However, I am confident and hoping that if I perfect the right amount of pressure and wear it for longer periods it will do as Bigger says.


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Hey guys !

I just have a silly question :

What do you all mean with that ” wrap ” ? Do you mean a cloth wrapped around the part of your penis where the hanger is fixed ?

All the best wantmore

Cloth plus

Hey Wantmore,

It takes more than cloth I believe. Most people use Theraband, a somewhat stiff latex sports wrap type thing. Although some are using Ace bandages.

Read the other wrapping threads and check out Bib’s site also. There is a link there to a Theraband website.

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Wrapping for girth/removing discoloration....

Hope I can figure this one out. How to do it I mean. I found some “no hurt” Johnson&Johnson cloth tape to try this out with. It’s pretty elastic but has no latex in it and doesnt stick to skin. I have a LOT of discoloration (for those who’ve seen my pics on uncuts’ yahoo club) on my penis which is noticeable flaccid (the most) and erect. Starts about an inch and a half from the base of my penis up to my circumcision scar. I look half mexican! LOL, anyway hopefully this will over time work to fix that. Would be great!

Im 60 years old…never a discoloration issue…sorry , it’s simply blood displacement…..

I know this thread is old, but my friend recently had a circumcision done and the doctors wrapped up the area for 2 weeks for it to heal. Does this relate to the constant wrap up theory to heal things?

I'm pissed of with my gains and loses. I've been doing this for more than 4 years. I keep measuring wrong and the next time I update my signature you will see impressive results.

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