Yes. Actually bigger cocks in general seem harder to fill up, of course. But so worth it.

The Eq thing is weird
. Its like the last barrier. I am less worried about past partners being larger, or her comparing me unfavorably to pornos or her fantasies.

Be cause it is so damn literally about thickness. Of which I have some now.

I look at thick guys, born with large volume cocks, as the real silver spoon kids. Those are the real born lucky brats.

its obnoxious to hear them downplay size in anyway. All their lives, they have been pretty much complimented on their dick, because of the pleasant girth.

So what I want is dick so big while soft, it can’t be any thing but big in general. The 7 inch long, girthy guy is forgiven a lot, including bad EQ, compared to average guys. (who have like 50% less dick than a good PE vet, when you throw in the girth.)

Start: 5.75 x 4.5 Current: 7 x 5.25

Such Spartan training is for the champ. -Bruce Lee