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EASY CLAMP for girth

EASY CLAMP for girth


It’s time for me to show you very simple thing for clamping that I made for my self and tested.

It’s very simple to put it on and quiickly put it off in case of emergency.

Same rules apply as with normal clamping so be carefully!!

All you need is a shoe tie or some other rope and two plastic knobs(trap buttons) you find those on some winter clothes (see pic plastic knobs.jpg). Why two?, because the second one is used to tighten more because the first one can soften.

How to make it:
Put both plastic knobs on a shoe tie a create a knot at the end, thats it.
See the picture(clamp.jpg) to get the idea.

How to use it:

I put some thin foil at the base but you can use anything such as bandage, foam,etc sometimes I use it plain because the shoe tie is semi soft but it can leave marks so protect your skin.

Than just put the shoe tie on as close as possible to the base and tighten with those two plastic knobs, you can experiment how much to tighten, I sometimes put it on when flacid and then kegel the blood in or I put it on when erect and and do a few kegels.

At first I couldn’t do nothing but just leave it alone when clamped but now I can edge it and it feels nice
With the time penis gets used to a pressure so now I rarely get small marks after clamping but when I started I had red dots after the session.

I use it 3x for 3-5min and once per week but you can find what suits you the best.


When you are used to this you can start to experiment such as putting pressure with two fingers from the bottom to the top to widen the penis
(I’m still experimenting this)
Create another easy clamp and put it under the head(empty the head so the blood goes down) that is to use two of them at the same time.
For larger head just put one under the head and kegel and then tighten more.

Happy clamping! And be carefull!!
I hope you will come up with more ideas how to use it.

(Could someone move this to a main forum please)

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That’s clever idea , works well .Thanks ploktor ; )

Great idea, thanks

Hello, thanks for the tips,

Do you think you can jelq while you are using this when to clamp, or do any other exercises?

Nice to see that you like it!

I never tried jelqing because I don’t think it would be safe to do that, perhaps it could be ok with only 70% squeeze. Mainly I do edging.

Still, nothing beats the cable clamp because it puts pressure on the sides of the penis and not on delicate parts like dorsal nerve.

This is basically like tying a shoelace around your penis, but with more controlled method of release.

Edit: I see some new members are replying. This exercise is extremely dangerous for beginners.

Ploktor, jelqing is much safer than clamping.

I would imagine a really tight slip knot would be better than one of those clamps. I don’t recall them having much holding power at all. In fact I used to use a slip knotted shoe lace before I got a cable clamp. Cable clamps don’t loosen up over time, shoe laces do.

My name is sarcastic.

I’m not a beginner in therms of a PE. Yes this method is dangerous if not done right and it is not for beginners.

The reason I don’t do jelqing is a fear of turkey neck.

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