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Enhancing the fowfer effect


Enhancing the fowfer effect

When I have the opportunity I like to soak in a hot tub of water for relaxation plus the heating effect for PE while I do stretches aimed at tunica because of a 8:00 LOT. Since I’m just hand stretching I’m hoping the hot water soaking will help with the tough tunica, maybe even be a key factor. When I get out of the tub I do jelqing with vaseline while my penis is still in the warmed state from the bath.

I have also been doing fowfers while sitting watching tv and even while driving my car. I’ve read some of the discussions on heat and PE and I’m a believer in heat for PE enhancement. I personally prefer the wet heat route. So very recently I thought about doing fowfer also while in the tub. I find fowfers to be an intense lig pull and I’m really hoping this addition of a hot water(it’s only mildly hot)soak while pulling the ligs will enhance the effects of fowfer.

I did a search and didn’t find where anyone has discussed heat for fowfers. Fowfers have the reputation for being mainly for flaccid hang but I seriously wonder if fowfers are being underrated for erect lig gain. I sure am hoping heated wet soaking fowfers will astonish me in gains.

I too am a proponent of heat prepping PE. I find that soaking the unit in tolerable hot water helps get a good stretch. Fowfers, however, seem to hit the ligs harder than the tunica due to the extremely low angle. And so, the heat that you are applying to the unit is not as beneficial as say, when you are doing girth exercises or fulcrum stretches. This is because the ligs are more internal and getting heat on them is very difficult.

What I have found to be most effective in heating up the ligs is a massage/ir heat wand. Placing this on the pubic bone area pre-hanging works the ligs quite well. Soaking in hot water does not, simply because it is the faciae matrix that is getting heated and possibly only a part of the ligs. But not the entire ligs.

Just what I’ve learned.


Do Fowfers make you lose your angle of erection. It is not too handsome to be erected at 8 or 7 o’clock LOT.

Adamander: what do you mean exactly? Does fowfering make your lot go lower?

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Originally Posted by adamander
Do Fowfers make you lose your angle of erection. It is not too handsome to be erected at 8 or 7 o’clock LOT.

Originally Posted by Edooo20
Adamander: what do you mean exactly? Does fowfering make your lot go lower?

Guys, before you go further…

First, you’re confusing LOT and erection angle. They’re two different things. In fact, Bib’s LOT testing method, says you find your LOT while flaccid.

Second, don’t invest too much thought or heartache with your LOT. There might be something to it, but it shouldn’t determine whether or not you try an exercise. If you want to lengthen your cock, stretch it. Stretch it out, stretch it down. Sit on it and fowfer. Emphasize the tunica, then emphasize the ligs if you want, then emphasize both.

For background, check out the conversation ModestoMan started here:
Testing LOT Theory

Or read through this discussion:
LOT Theory not right

And this one:
westla90069 - SO hanging

Now back to our regularly scheduled thread…

when grabbing my penis and putting it back where your rack is, sometimes it hurts my balls, to be more especific my right ball… haha. should I like try putting them back.. or bring them up .. Any advice?

I’m just now trying the fowfer. I’m sitting on my cock now as described by “beenthere.” I’m semi flaccid and getting softer. I can feel the pull on my cock from the pressure of my weight. The sensation is pleasant, and if I sit back in the chair, I can feel more of tug or pull. I’m becoming more relaxed, and can see how doing this excercise consistently, would increase flaccid length. I know that I’ll be doing this one when ever I’m sitting for long periods, and can descreetly grab my cock and tuck it under my ass.

Who know the answer to ONeGg Question, fowfer kill my nuts

I am sitting on my cock right now. I feel the same as Lasercat66. I recorded my lenght and girth. 4 inches soft , 5 and three quarters hard. I am just starting the program. We will see as the months go.

I hope this isnt a stupid question but I havnt seen it anywhere, is it ok to fowfer when you begin pe or should you wait a couple months? Just wondering it seems like a great stretch but I don’t want to do too much too early, I’m just starting off after all id rather not injure myself

This sounds great, I’m going to favourite this.

I am starting to introduce fowfer in my PE program. Would be great to hear more of your experiences with it. Ill keep you posted too.

When you’re quite cold your balls are going to be closer to your body in which case it’s harder to fowfer, it’s usually easier when they hang lower so you’d wanted to be quite heated up and not be erect at all because the extra girth pushes the balls further apart.

Thanks Audacia.
It going better.

I am not including it with my other routine but in a separate time.
I like the fact that I can be writing or at the computer when doing fowfer.

The water temp in our hot tub out on the pool deck is always kept at 104 degrees. I don’t think I’ve ever been in that hot tub that I haven’t been sitting on my dick. Well, except when my dick was in some woman sitting out there with me, and since 2003 that’s been quite a few.. But you know, Pussy Fowfers are a pretty good lig stretch as well. :cool:

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