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EVO oil...... Revisited


Have you guys ever heard of DMSO? It’s supposed to penetrate the skin very easily, and it carries any other chemical across with it. So you could mix it with arginine, or anything that would improve circulation, and use it for jelqing. I’d be too scared to try it myself.but it should work in theory. Anyone willing to try? :D


For anyone still interested, I’ve found out the dynamic with the EVO formula and other possible combinations that may work. The formula consist of 3 parts healing oil to one part (x3) warming oil. So far, these oils are considered the best non-irritant warmers: Clary Sage, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Cajeput, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Sandalwood, Peppermint, Thyme, Lavadin, Coriander Seed, and Cubub Seed.

The best warmers that are irritants to the skin include: Cinnamon, black pepper, Clove Bud, West Indian Bay. These are excellent warmers, but should only be used in drops and not mm.

The best healers are: Lavender, Lemon, and Cyprus. I shouldn’t say the best, these are the oils I just have experience with.

I have also found that sells a gel form of L-Arginine that mixes EXTREMELY well with the oils in a carrier. It makes it a lot easier to jelq with.

I have used the oils with both Olive oil and Jojoba oil. Jojoba absorbs VERY quickly and has to be reapplied, meaning that although very useful, you will run out of your mix a lot faster than you would if you used Olive oil.

I plan on continuing to experiment and update as I go along. So far, I am impressed with the difference in my flaccid hang. I wear a cock ring after pumping for the majority of the day after a session and it is making a visible difference.

Hope this post ends up helping SOMEONE……………..

I use Eroset Oil for about a yeasr and a half with no side effects.

The only “twist” in the original formula that I have applied is that I almost double the recommended quantity of Lemongrass and Rosemary. :)

What EVO really is

My kids were home from college for the holidays, and while cooking one of them asked the other for the EVO….

They know it as “Extra Virgin Olive oil” :)

This is about a year old now… but since I just came across this thread, someone else might just be coming across it now as well. This is my recipe that is based on the EVO.

I use 1 cup of a base or carrier oil. I have used Borage Oil as a carrier, but prefer Extra Virgin Olive oil for my carrier. I suppose you could use half and half if you really wanted to.

The “actives” I use in mine are listed below:

5ml Rosemary essential oil
4ml Clary Sage essential oil
4ml Cajeput essential oil
4ml Vetiver essential oil

I chose those because I am more concerned with vasodilation and helping to improve erection quality. Good blood flow is all I was really seeking with this formula. The olive oil is nurturing enough to the skin for my taste. If I needed something to more fully heal the skin, I would have added Vitamin E and possibly some Lavender.

Hope someone finds this helpful

People with sensitive skin may want to test the Rosemary oil in a smaller dilution before going ahead with a high strength version. It’s a pretty strong oil and some people can react badly to it, I know I do.

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I added comfrey oil and calendual oil and I put lotion on because my unit was looking a little dry but search those oils they help I believe

I supercharged this EVO by adding the below essential oils to my extra virgin olive oil. Most of the key properties in the below oil are vasodilation and aphrodisiacs. It had a nice effect on my penis. It felt great while pumping.

Lavender Essential Oil(EO)
Rosemary EO
Clary Sage EO
Lemongrass EO
Galangal EO
Turmeric EO
Ginger EO
Garlic EO
Peppermint EO
Eucalyptus EO
Basil EO
Black Pepper EO
Nutmeg EO
Lemon EO
Tea Tree EO
Cypress EO
Carrot Seed EO
Marjoram EO
Milfoil EO
Patchouli EO
Ylang Ylang Extra EO
Ylang Ylang III
Cinnamon Leaf EO
Clove EO
Horny Goat Weed Cold-Pressed Oil (Epimedium sagittatum)

I still have a few gallon of this oil available and willing to share at my cost. Or if you want to make your own, I have the full recipe published. Just go to Ebay and search for: Vein Massage Oil

If anyone knows of other essential oil that has aphrodisiac and vasodilating effects, please share your knowledge.


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