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From turtling to be hung...

From turtling to be hung...

I am back in PE. Any one managed to go from a turtle to a hung? How did you do it? And how long did it take?

Never ever a turtle again...

I wouldn’t describe it as hung - more like.. existant. When I was overweight, my flaccid even sunk back into my abdomen. Before PE it was an inch at the most. On a cold day, forget about it.

Since PEing for about 8 months total (hanging mostly) It’s went from an acorn to a plantain. Still not impressive, and still kind of tiny actually. But I’m on the way. Not stopping till 7 BPEL. Started at 5.5.


"HALT! This is a no-turtle zone."

5/14/09 - BPEL 7.0" BPFSL 8.25" EG 4.5"

1/1/10 - BPEL 7.5" BPFSL 9.0" EG 5.0" - GOAL

I used to turtle really badly, too. Now, even on a cold day, I’ve got a fairly decent flaccid. Anywhere from 3.5” to 5”. I don’t know which exercise contributed the most, but I mostly do stretches and pumping, now. At the first when I made the most gains I was clamping, too. Good luck and welcome back!

:_pump: :donatecar

I did it mostly with pumping. The ultimate secret for me was to avoid trauma whatever PE you do. When you go overboard and cause trauma, the body’s natural defense is to retreat and that is the last thing you want when try to overcome turtling. So my pump routine is now based on low pressure for longer periods of time and the results are surpassing all of my previous results using higher pressures.

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