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Giddy for extended erections

Giddy for extended erections

Anyone using Giddy for their erections? I wonder if this could sustain prolonged erections.

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I purchased it few months ago, and I am still waiting for the shippment. :-(

Looks like something easy to diy

Seems like a decent innovation, as far as cock ring go. But for PE purposes, where you’re trying to maintain a prolonged erection, I’d vastly prefer a high-flow priapism vs a low-flow priapism.

I’ll stick with vacuum pumping to artificially fill the vasculature.

Cock rings are great for harder erections for about 5 - 15 minutes in my experience, then it’s a soft dark floppy that doesn’t recover its hardness for quite a while; the don’t work long enough to improve sex and don’t seem to increase penis size either.

I’ve got about 15 different cock rings, metal, plastic, silicone, rubber, different shapes and sizes: I have yet to find a use for them. At least clamps can be used to increase internal pressure, but cock rings? Not in my experience. At least small condoms serve a function while strangling your penis.

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