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Glans growth problem


Marinera, getting surgery for this looks a bit ridiculous to me, even if when it breaks will result in a scar that does not look good, I mean, who cares.

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You don’t have idea of the shitload of blood that can come out from that little piece of meat. Pain can be excruciating too: have you ever been cut at the labial frenulum? It doesn’t feel good. Pensi frenulum is pretty similar to labial frenulum. I guess it makes a lot of scarring too. This means that it can reattach in the wrong way instead than lying dead, so penetration can become painful, the frenulum is likely to break repeteadly, the penis looks weird. Probably you’ll have to go to an hospital to try to fix the issues. I’m not a urologist and I’m just figuring what can come out from your plan.

My father also had this happened to him, and his dick is fine. I hope to get lucky as he got, I have absolutely no time for surgery now.

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It’s simple surgery and avoids all the problems marinera correctly points out.

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Time? A surgery would require 1 hour at most consulting+ cutting.

Your father had the frenulum completely torn? Are you sure? Looks like the legend of the boxers’ broken noise.

I used to have a short frenulum and partial phimosis. PE in general, and pumping specifically solved this.

Initially I couldn’t get the foreskin over the glans during an erection and only with an erection did the frenulum not pull the head down, otherwise my head would be to say a 75 degree angle forward. Now neither frenulum nor foreskin are any issue irrespective of erection level.


Low pressure vacuum pumping, working up to longer duration with the foreskin pulled down before an erection was what I suspect solved it.

I must step in here. I had a short frenulum and I broke it the first time I had sex.

Dude.. you have no idea how bad it hurts and how much it bleeds. It definately kills the mood. Also, it didn’t tear completely so it healed shorter (!) than it was originally. I had to have surgery. No big deal and it is much better looking now since the surgeon knew how to do it. Sex is fantastic now since my foreskin won’t pull on it and it really made a difference to me.

It is not worth it trying to do it yourself, a lot of things can go wrong.

I have a quick update.

I just discovered yesterday evening that my frenulum is just fine, well not really but, I mean that is not the cause of my problem.

The problem is my foreskin which is currently facing what seem to be a constriction. It feels dry to the touch, there are some cuts over there near the glans, and it’s tightening a bit when I have an erection and I pull down the foreskin below the glans.

The good thing is I probably know how I caused this: too many and too hot warmups.

I do a lot of them during the day even if I don’t have my session, I’d say 3xday at least. This caused my skin to get burnt and that’s where the dry and cuts come from.

Any tips?

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Is this like a skin bridge?

I thought the frenulum was involved in creating the intensity of orgasm. If it’s cut how will it affect the orgasm. Mine is also really tight when a full hard erection occurs.

It doesn’t.

It depends on how the surgeon does it. In my case there is a small bump where the frenulum used to start in the shaft. It is like a man clitoris or something. It feels good but it won’t cause an orgasm.


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