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Golf Weights and Stretching Questions

Golf Weights and Stretching Questions

I just recently bought golf weights for use as an ‘ADS’ style to keep my unit engorged and I had some questions. First I am somewhat afraid of leaving them on, they aren’t uncomfortable at all, but I’m afraid that because I tend to be able to forget about them, I won’t notice that numbness has set in. Does it have a feeling associated with it like when your hand falls asleep? I’d assume it is safe as others who use them regularly have 1-2” more girth than I do, but am still worried. I have only been using 1 for extended use.

My normal routine usually is warm up, stretch, jelq, shower (for my warmdown) and then I put on 3 golf rings while I do my kegels, does anyone think there is a problem with this? The 3 are only on for about 12 minutes, and then I go take 2 of them off.

Finally, the stretching questions. I have been doing a linear routine and am about to start going over the 1 minute mark for my 10 stretches. I feel like the way my grip is, I am denying blood to my glans for too long and would not like to go to a longer time than that, so I was thinking separating it into twenty 35 second stretches. Does anyone have an opinion on if I should do a full set of 10 at 35 seconds, then another full set of 10, or if I should do the same stretch twice in a row.

For example, I pull strait in front, then south east, north west, east, west, north east, south west, north, south, then I finish with another front stretch. Should I then just repeat it, or should I go strait, 5 second break, strait again, 5 seconds, south east, 5 second break, south east again, etc. My normal stretch routine includes 5 seconds between each stretch to massage some new blood back into my penis.

12 minutes won’t cause any problems with golf weights. Guys into hanging, myself included, hang a lot more than that for 20 minutes at a time up to 2 to 3 hours per day (total) when in heavy hanging sets. So with that weight you’re fine. Most guys doing the golf weights wear them all day.

I don’t think it makes much of a difference with your manual issues one way or the other. I would err on the side of longer sets, but manual never worked for me so if anyone thinks they know better I’d go with that.

How are you securing the golf weights? I use a cable clamp and I have to remove weights after 30 minutes because my head is a dark purple and that freaks me out. No pain though.

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