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head sensitivity improved with glans pump

head sensitivity improved with glans pump

I recently posted that I had been noticing a reduction of sensitivity in the glans, which I reckoned was due to wearing an ADS at quite high intensity for some time.

I thought I’d try pumping after reading the thread by Panos at -

Mushroom Head Pumping and increased sensitivity

Have been using a Penis Glans pump for a couple of weeks now and have definitely regained a sensitive glans!

Have added an image of the kit. There is some expensive head pumps out there but this one was quite affordable, and has had benefits for me!

I guess the pump is causing nerve repair due to increased blood supply under pressure (which I’ve noticed is different from when jelqing).
When I use the ADS the glans is constricted of blood flow, which possibly has been having a negative effect on sensitivity.

So if the pumping counters the ADS desensitizing effect - terrific!

This is just my experience, seems to be working for me, and I thought I’d share it!

Thanks Panos!


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So I’d to try the glans pump, it looks like a great alternative to the $120 mushroom head pump which has to be custom ordered to your size and since I’m just starting out with some promising gains I don’t want to invest in something that will be painfully small in a couple years (or months.. I’m in this for the long haul)

One thing I’ve been looking for though as I’ve dealt with some minor ED (I say minor but it’s concerning that I’m dealing with it at all at 22!) is that my head is often deflated even when the shaft is rock hard and it really decreases sensitivity and causes me to work a lot harder to get off. I used to be able to get off like nobody’s business with very little stimulation. Anyway, it’s sad too because I have a nice mushroom head that “pops” in and out of a tight ass pretty satisfactorily when it’s plump.

So I’m interested to hear about the penis glans pump, have you seen size increase? From increased blood flow or actual size? What kind of sensitivity? Does it look more impressive as a unit overall?


I used it a few time a week - 3 to 4 - primarily to see if my glans would become more sensitive. And it did help. Before using it I could touch the glans without feeling much… other than the pressure of the touch say. After using it for a couple of weeks or so on touching my glans I would react more like I used to before the reduced sensitivity. ie the ‘shiver’ you get from a sensitive head, and you want to withdraw from the touch. Hope this makes sense.

The size of my glans was definitely increased, temporarily of course when using it, and I would say it hung heavier afterwards. I also noticed that although the head is the only part under pressure the whole penis becomes fully erect, plus more so than usual. If used regularly I reckon it could have long term effects.

I’ve progressed on to full cylinder pumping so don’t use it as much. But I would at least give it a try.

I posted some more info on the pump here.

Bigbox’s Pics & Comparison thread

check post 12

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