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Head surface

Head surface

A question for you all !

What your glans surface is like ? Is it smooth ?

Mine seems to have like lines like cracks (not really. Can’t describe). When it is erect it is not so bad, but still it aint perfectly smooth.

I guess this is because I had phimosis until the age of about 15 :(

Did you have a circumcision then? If so the wrinkly surface is due to keratinization. Unfortunately normal for those who have lost their foreskin.

I have lines like that, I think it is an asset.

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Yeah I have lines and it’s not so smooth with a little patch of bumps on the left hand side. I used to be worried about but don’t give a crap about it anymore. Having a big dick has helped me get over it.

It’s funny though. when I was younger, I asked a female doctor to have a look at it and she basically did everything in her power NOT to look at my dick. I thought it was funny for an mature adult doctor to do such a thing. In the end she gave me some cream without even seeing my cock. I ended up going to another doctor who told me it was normal.

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No I am not circumcised I cured myself of phimosis by stretching the foreskin. Now I have no problems retracting it, but It is not completely loose, but I don’t care!

Yeah, I’ve got lines too, so I guess it is normal. I am not generally concerned about it, I just thought that it’s not normal !

Thanks guys !

Circumsized, and after a week of PE (prior to my 2 rest days), it looks a little beatup. It is also a little rougher in texture. I have now started pumping w/ my regular PE routine, and I have noticed that my head has become smoother than I can ever remember. It is really amazing. I don’t know if pumping will lead to gains, but it is definitely helping augment my standard PE routine.

Has anyone successfully restored their glans skin (de-keratinized)?

Originally Posted by Springer240
I’m circumcised, I have similar symptoms to what you have described. I even have tiny bumps.

Same here.

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Originally Posted by Weston
Has anyone successfully restored their glans skin (de-keratinized)?


I have those very faint “crack-looking” lines that kind of give my glands texture really. I don’t find it to be an issue and is too vague for any one else to take notice. Im guessing you have something similar to mine.

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I’d read that udder cream and foreskin restoration helps to renew shine and sensitivity

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