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Help on Sadsak's head exercise

Help on Sadsak's head exercise

My last month’s routine had Horse 440’s included which led up to 0.25 inch gain on EG. The only thing that bothered me is that the glans has been left behind at 5.25 inch EG. Which had led me to search for head exercises.

After some searching I found Sadsak’s head exercise, the problem is that I don’t understand the instructions (posted below). Do you start just semi erect (not jelqed/jelqed) or fully erect (not jelqed/jelqed)? A post from sadsack: “Wrap as many fingers as you can and I hold it for a 10-15 second count.” Does it mean that when all fingers are on you hold for 10-15 sec?

Sadsak’s Head Exercise - Repost from old Big Penis Forum


Greetings Aaron!

I have noticed a quick gain in head size when I do the following and wanted your opinion on it. The way I begin, is the same as jelqing in setting up the stationary hand.

Then I place my moving hand’s thumb and forefinger around my penis facing the stationary hand. (like a mirror image). Then tighten my grip using only my thumb and forefinger of the moving hand forcing the blood towards the head. Without moving the moving hand, I add pressure with the middle finger. At this point I have the forefinger and middle fingers tight. Then I add the grip of the ring finger, then finally the pinkie.

When I do this, all the blood goes to the head a little at a time and the head gets HUGE! (well, relatively speaking) I run through the grips about 5 times at one sitting during my exercises and have noticed a difference already.

Maybe suggest adding a 3rd measurement to recording stats: head circumference?

I know that to me the head size is important since that is the ‘first impression’ when beginning to making love. And we all know how important first impressions are!!! :-p”


Start: 5.75 inch BPEL 4.75 inch girth BSEG (Nov 1 2007)

Current: 7.4 inch BPEL 5.4 inch MSEG 5.75 inch BSEG (Oct 24 2009)

Goal: 7 inch NBPEL 5.5 inch EG=> New Goal: 7.75 inch BPEL 5.75 MSEG

First hand standard OK, gripped bottom or part way up shaft (enough shaft left to fit other hand below glans). Second hand overhand OK index finger and thimb grip tight, then add next finger as tight as possible and so on. Each finger adds to the pressure so it can be good to space them out a bit.

It’s easier to just use the second hand.

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I’m kind of curious as to why you don’t like the tapered head? Have other guys noticed hitting G spots easier with a larger head? I’m just curious.

Jelq, ADS, repeat.

Final Goal: 8EL x 6.2


It’s fairly common with Horses to notice a large girth increase but because the exercise relies on squashing the glans, the size of the glans does not increase in line with the shaft. It’s more of a proportion thing to add something like a Sadsak Head Exercise alongside Horses.

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It would be great with some pictures or video for this, I tried it but I’m still confused if I do it right.

I have been conditioning my penis for the last six weeks with wet jelq, stretching and kegel. Is it OK to start light Horse squeeze at this point and what is the errection level required for this squeeze?

i am also confused a bit with this exercise and i need head girth really bad.

STATS: BPEL-7.5 EG-5.6 BG-5.8 -- MT Goal reached

Goal: 8 x 5.75

My Pictures My Progress

I think I did not get it too.

For me it sounds like it is basically a jelq-squeeze (the one in the video section) with adding pressure through adding one finger after the other.

Unfortunately there is no exact video of it.

Could someone please clarify this?

This would be great.

The way I understand is you have your traditional OK grip at the base of your dick with a tourniquet grip. Form an OK grip with your other hand and place it overhand so that the OK grips are facing and touching each other. Then you slowly squeeze with your middle finger, then ring finger, then pinky, holding the grip tight with each finger. Then you hold this for allotted time. Repeat. I could be wrong though, Just what I took it as

BPEL - 5 5/8" --- Goal 6"

MSEG - 4.5 " ---- Goal 4.75 "

I first thought this exercise would, like the sadsak slinky, also contain working with erect bends, but as it seems it does not.

If thats the case I do not know why this should not be a exercise for newbies. I mean in my opinion it is not more intensive then slowly squeezing tightly blood to the head (Uli#3)..

I’m getting ready for some more advanced exercises and I would like to start doing this one. My problem (as others) is that this is complicated. A video or some pictures would be worth a lot and would be appreciated.

It’s really not that complicated but, yeah, I get how a video might help.

Maybe someone will offer to make one.

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Because I wanted to to it right I experimented some time and I think I got it now.

With one hand you make a torniquet and kegel as much blood as possible in your semi erect member and close the torniquet.
Then you make an overhand grip with your other hand directly behind the the tourniquet, so that the thumb and the indexfinger of both hands touch each other.
In the end you create bigger pressure by closing one finger after the other (from forefinger to pinky). Each closed finger pushes the existing blood more forward, so that the pressure gets higher. Thats it.

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