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Hemosiderin from clamping

Go for it Mick,
You certainly need to have a reliable wrap. If it isnt snug angainst the skin it will dry out to fast and not have ample time to absorbe into the skin.

It will not sting if you get it in your ‘cock hole’ (meatus), I think I got some in my eyes once and thought it would burn but it did noting; like saline solution, just gave my eye a good rinse.


Maybe I’m not wrapping it tight enough cause for the past two days the skin’s been basically normal colour when I woke uo. I guess I’ll try wrapping it a little tighter.

Alright well I think I’m giving up on the vinegar… haven’t seen any results yet. I know maybe I’m giving up a little bit too early, but I have another idea which I’m convinced is going to work, so I’m just gonna try that.

I’m not sure if I’m gonna do it now though or wait til I’ve hit my goal.

During my last vinegar wrap I think some of my skin basically got “burned” from the acid. It was stinging quite a bit, and then the next day it was dark brown… but the brown was like a scab basically… the skin wasn’t actually brown. So ya… it was more like a chemical peel. It may remove a bit of discolouration, but I don’t think it’ll do much. And anyway it was only a small area that got like that.

Cool, at least you tried it out.

I have been mixing vinegar with olive oil as a jelqing lube after reading this thread. While I haven’t seen noticeable decrease in discoloration, I’ll keep doing it just in case. However I think that while vinegar may be useful for treating bruises, the discoloration is no longer a bruise but more like an actual tattoo and so the problem is different.

Originally Posted by goober
Cool, at least you tried it out.

Ya it was worth a try.

Just a thought… have you ever considered just soaking your entire cock in a glass of vinegar? This way you’re 100% sure it’s in contact with your skin the whole time. Might be kind of annoying… I’m sure I could manage it for an hour or so though.

Ok slight update.

One of the dark brown scabs came off, and the skin underneath is nice and clean. This may darken with time however as when doing a peel with wart remover.

I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t, but who knows… maybe the combination of the acid in the vinegar as well as its other skin lightening properties will have done the trick.

If so, I’m gonna try soaking my entire cock in a glass of vinegar, lol. Obviously my skin needs a lot of it for anything to happen.

Just as long as you don’t later user that vinegar to season the salad you fix for your buddies though.

I was reading through this thread and completely forgot I ever tried this. I wish I remember if I ever soaked my whole cock in vinegar. I definitely don’t remember doing that.

I’m still searching for a solution to this damn discolouration, so I’ll be trying a spot test again for the next week.

Keep us updated. I’ve been finding it happens to me when of over jelq after pump session.

Alright I’m doing my first test today.

Soaked a bunch of paper towel in white vinegar, and folded it over to be about an inch wide and 1/8 inch thick. Put it around my cock and secured with a rubber band.

I’ll do this for the next 5 days for 5 hour sets each. If nothing after that I’m giving up on it.

Do you think the a pure vitamin c serum would work without the DMSO?

I have a bit of a crazy idea. Well not that crazy but a little. Microneedling.

Microneedling has shown benefit for overall skin health as well as hyperpigmentation. There are some pretty impressive pre/post pictures out there. While it seems a little crazy to do this on your cock, I don’t think it would be that painful.

An idea is to use the microneedling in conjunction with vitamin C, i.e. do the microneedling, then apply vitamin C serum. It would probably be pretty painful, however the needles can penetrate the skin pretty deeply and supply vitamin C to the tissues. I’ve actually already ordered a few needling rollers from a quality store, as well as a couple of their skin serums. I wouldn’t order any of these from amazon as they seem cheap / sketchy and many of the reviews from them are fake.

So, DMSO is an option for sure, however I’m a little paranoid about using it with all the safety precations. How long did it take you to see results with DMSO by the way?

Anyway… back to the vinegar. I have had surprisingly good results. I was really not expecting anything, but it seems to have helped. I wouldn’t say it has really changed the overall colour of my skin, however it seems to have removed a lot of the dullness and little areas of grey/black deposits throughout the skin.

I was honestly amazed the second night I tried it. I did an area about an inch wide, and after inspecting it closely in the light the skin in that area looked much cleaner and fresher than the rest of my cock. I thought I must be imagining it cause something this simple couldn’t possibly work this quickly. So I took some pictures to prove it to myself, and the line of demarcation between the treated and untreated skin was very clear in the pictures.

This was after the second treatment… not after the first. After the first I didn’t notice anything.

So for the next two days I treated the adjacent inch of skin. Again after the first day - nothing. After the second day I didn’t notice much change, however I accidentally scraped my skin with my nail and noticed the skin peel off. I got a towel and rubbed over the entire treated area, and the top layer of skin all peeled off (not painful at all… very thin layer of skin). The skin in this area now also looks very much “cleaner” than before.

It is possible that the skin in these areas only looks better because of the peel and freshnesh post-treatment, and that it will return to normal over the next couple weeks. I really really hope not though.

I’m not completely finished yet. I have about an inch at the base to treat, as well as about 0.5 inches near the tip. I’m gonna start on the tip tonight. The base I need to leave because the adjacent area I treated is pretty raw.

So again, the overall colour of my cock is mainly the same, but the skin is much cleaner looking, which is still huge for me. If these results stay I would be mostly happy, however would probably still try for a bit more lightening, which is where the microneedling comes in.

I have taken pictures of all of this so far by the way. Can I post pics here or do I need to start a separate thread in the pictures forum?


Treatment protocol was this:

Soak paper towel (folded over so it’s thick) in white vinegar (my towel was about 1 inch wide, but there’s no reason you couldn’t do this for your whole cock). Wrap this around cock and secure with elastic bands. The first night I used elastics, the second time I used a non-toxic food wrap (Abeego Beeswax Food Storage Wrap) which secured it better and more evenly. A plastic bag would probably do also, but I’m paranoid about toxic crap so I used this stuff.

I left the towel on for two hours, after which time I dunked my cock back in the vinegar to re-soak the towels. Then I left the wrap on for another 2.5 hours. Total time = about 4.5 - 5 hours.

Again, the first night after treatment I didn’t notice anything. The second night after doing this I noticed benefits. There are also a couple areas with mild burns / irritation which will take a few days to heal. Once it’s all healed I will probably do another 2 treatments on the same area.

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I got some discoloration from clamping a few months ago. It’s semi permanent at least. It’s noticeable on one side but not the other. Only time will tell if it’s truly permanent. DMSO + Vit C isn’t doing much for me, I’ve been doing that a couple weeks now. Might try the chemical peel method next week. Microneedling sounds less crazy than that at least.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Anything applied has to get deep enough.
Then it has to interact with the hemosiderin and potentially be transported “away” from the skin layer.
I doubt vit c serum on its own can penetrate enough.

So either you peel so deep that the skin layer with the iron deposits is basically destroyed(without creating faulty skin) or you consistently apply an agent that can penetrate slowly taking the deposits away…

Light pumping where edema flushes the skin could also be a mechanical option..

Warm up, Jelqing and massaging after exercise and sometimes applying dmso + vit c has kept me discoloration free.

A higher dosage of dmso can peel the layers too.(but can burn)


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