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High strech, low strech, Plateu buster?

High strech, low strech, Plateu buster?

Ok this is something I have been doing for the last couple of months (Feb-Mar 05). I have seen good gains about 1” bpfsl since then and thought you guys might want to hear about it. It is very simple and easy, nothing really new, but I do stretch for an hour to two hours a day while I am on the computer, as I had done since about (September of 04). Basically what I do is stretch at a high angle for almost the whole time, every once in a while I stretch straight down for maybe 30 seconds but usually more like 10-15 seconds. I do this until I get a Ligament or Lig pop. This is essentially all I do. I would call this an advanced exercise just due to the fact, I think you should not do this until you have exhausted straight down to the maximum as I had already done for about 2 months or so. Also I do not believe this will be as beneficial without the lig pop. So you should have experienced them and know how to get them from stretching straight down for this to be effective. Any how that is it; if you have any questions feel free to ask them as this is based on a theory that I arrived at, while discussing Lot in a thread with Modesto. Peace

What about the guys who can’t/don’t get lig pops. Will it not work for them then. I don’t belive that everyone can get those “pops”. But just because I don’t get the pop doesn’t make my stretch any less effective.



Have you tried stretching for extended periods of time (1-2 hours) straight down? It took about two weeks for me to experience a lig pop doing this. Also Yes I think stretching for any long period of time, or hanging for that matter is good. I just believe part of the reason this works is due to the lig pop. I believe that is why I have gotten such good gains.

You honestly use your hand to pull the dick down for hours at a time? Don’t your hands get tired? Or do you not pull very hard?

Damn, my ligs never make any pops.. Sure ‘tis healthy?


Yes I do use my hands I do this while I’m on the computer at home. I would say I do a fairly hard stretch about 5-10 lbs of pressure. Yes this takes conditioning of your wrist primarily to accomplish this. I would pretty much call this hanging just with alot more flexibility in how apply the stress.


The pop has neither been shown to be damaging or non-damaging. Although I believe it is a little of both, it would just depend on how hard you are pulling when it does pop.


I believe you miss understood what I said. I meant that I started this at the end of Febuarary, start of March through now which would just be about 2 months.

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