How I Clamp. How Do You?

Although being involved in PE for 15 years, with a little break in the middle, I don’t have the 200 posts to get me into the Enlargement forum, so here goes!

Equipment. Cable clamp. Thermal hose insulation as the pad and the trusty tape measure.

Firstly I put on the 1 inch length of pipe insulation making sure to pull a much of the skin through without having the clamp fall off the front of the foam. I also pull a bit of ball sack through as that area can get tight.

Install the clamp on the first click and put it towards the back if the foam as the clamp wants to go forward.

Induce stimulation, take your pick on this one, until you get an erection. Once that happens I find the bottom of the clamp, near the ball sack, has risen up the penis, so blood is leaking out. So I push the clamp back to the base and kegel more blood in and tighten the clamp by one click.

Pressure increases, and further stimulation helps, and the bottom of the clamp again rides up the penis. Again I push it down, kegel, and tighten the clamp.

Repeat. When the clamp doesn’t rise up the penis you have stopped the blood escaping and produced the maximum clamp. Some times I go an extra click as the clamp can slowly rise up the shaft.

I’ve learnt no more than 10 min from the time I get the Max clamp. This means no fluid build up in my case.

Is this what you guys do? It was trial and error for me even though we have good descriptions. I hope my description helps!