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How much heat is needed to warm up


I warmup up 5 min with hot water in shower, after that I do an 2nd 5 min warmup with massage, hellicoptershakes and jai stretches.

And under my session, specially when I stretch I take small pauses with hot water to restore circulation and to get the next stretch more effective. Sometimes I use hot towel when I stretch but mostly in the shower..

I love water because you relax your hole body when its warm and nice :-)

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Heat is the key!

I’ve gained 1.5” in length since starting PE. However when warming up its really hit and miss for me due to time constraints. I got a little nerve injury and stopped PE for about two- three months other than light jelqs. I distinctly remember when I had the injury I did warm up. Overall though, I would say I do not warm up. Guess I really should, maybe I would reach my goal sooner.

I know I read a forum that had a lot to say about clamping but I can’t find it in the forums list am I hallucinating? Can someone direct me please?

Originally Posted by a-unit
And I do post a lot.

I believe there is a direct correlation between posting and gains.

Pet theory # 2063-2437a.

I totally agree. I stopped posting for a couple weeks and noticed a laziness towards my PE schedule. Coming on here helps me keep my mind on it.

That said, I used a bowl of water and and small towel. Switched to a rice which is more convenient for me.

Does a heat gun/hair dryer/overall coverage heat unit, have any side effects on your balls? Doesn’t a change in your internal temperature to your balls affect semen productions?

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Dongus, it’s under tutorials here Clamping 101

In my opinion, I didn’t really begin to see consistent results until I used constant heat. If you look at the most recent pics I posted you’ll see the little heater I use for the entire workout session. I think this is vital to endurance pumping.

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In my opinion, heat is beneficial. Anecdotally, I made my best hard-won gains when hanging after thoroughly warming up before each session in a bathtub as hot as I could tolerate. I continued heating while hanging.

As far as I know, no studies have been done about using heat specifically for PE purposes, but some exist showing the benefits of using heat for similar kinds of things. Parts is parts, sort of. If heat helps when trying to stretch out a shoulder, knee or whatever ligament, it’s a reach, but not much, to speculate that the same may apply to PE.

As far as manual stretching goes, I think a soak in a hot bath or at least a hot shower immediately before the session helps with stretching the tissues, but if nothing else it defintitely helps with grip. Fingers and penile skin tacky from moisture make for a better grip than dry.


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