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How much 'usable' length does one really have?

How much 'usable' length does one really have?

I think someone may have discussed this briefly before, but I don’t recall who, when, or where so I’m going to ask for myself. Seems as though many of us have a distinct difference between BP and NBP. We all expect that our useable length to be that of our NBP, right? Well what about the space in between NBP and BP? This is all fat, is it not? Well certain positions with your partner would allow for deeper penetration. Of course, once you hit the pubic bone, there is no more room. But what about some of the fat being ‘pushed’ out of the way during thrusting or whatever, to allow for an extra 1/4 inch? In my case for example, my BP is almost 7.5inches. My NBP is right about 6.5inches. Is it possible to assume that I may have 7inch or maybe a little less of useable length? Does this make sense to everyone?

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Acer fuck in positions that give your woman the most dick. I agree with you. We have the same measurements.

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I have guestimated that half the dick hidden by the fat pad is usable.

That is nbp + 1/2(fat pad depth).

for me: 6.5 + 1/2(1.5”)

So I reckon I can press up to 7.25” in when I “go deep”

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Yeah, there’s more than meets the eye.

“We all expect that our useable length to be that of our NBP, right?”

No, I’ve always concidered more than NBP use able because when I press in all the way, I mean burry it to the bone, I’m passed my NBP length. Maybe a 1/4 inch is about right. Maybe I’ll pay a little more attention next time.

We should have, Visable penis lenth (NBP), Bone Pressed length, and useable penis length. NBP + 1/4” or something like that.


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