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Jelqing only- Length gains NOT POSSIBLE

Jelqing only- Length gains NOT POSSIBLE

Now, lets not confuse, growth of the penis, with stronger erections. Some of us may jelq an atrophied penis back to it’s already “potential” size, but those aren’t true length gains.

Also, with the actual THEORY that jelqing works, is based on expanding the walls of the inner penis to hold more blood, and gradually cells will regenerate to permanently hold more blood, I.e. And bigger and longer penis.
But, lets also not confuse jelqing at VERY LOW erection levels straight down- and getting length gains from lig stretches. Because technically thats length gains from a form of downward lig/stretching- NOT length gains from the theory of jelqing and blood chamber expansion.

Point and case being, you can read all over the internet of how you can increase your penis length 1-5 inches from the basic exercise the JELQ, the most famous, popular, and historical form of PE.

But unless you do V and A stretches to break down the septum, or the “chord” you feel in your penis when it’s stretched out in the flaccid state, you can jelq all you want, but your penis won’t actually GROW in LENGTH unless the septum lets it. So all the claims of jelqing is the best and most popular way to length gains- all over the internet, is physically impossible. Unless someone can explain otherwise, explain how your dong can GROW longer while your septum is still the same length, I won’t believe it.

I’ve personally taken note to this, since I have done JELQ only routines, at fuller erection levels, lower erection levels, no rest days, with rest days, and every variation possible, and never got one centimeter of length gain over a combined time of over a year of jelqing-only.


So are you trying to say you need to do more then jelqing for length gains? And what are V and A stretches?

Wait did you get any girth gains? How much exactly?

Originally Posted by PlentyofStretch
So are you trying to say you need to do more then jelqing for length gains? And what are V and A stretches?

Yes, that is what he is saying.

Penis Enlargement Videos Scroll down on the video section to see what V and A stretches are.

This is interesting. I am keeping an eye on this thread; I want to see what other guys have to say.

I disagree. I really disagree. I think everyone’s different and PE isn’t an exact science, but I do believe that stretching can contribute to girth gains and jelqing can contribute to length gains and vice versa. I think any sort of strain on the penis will cause tissue changes and that the simplistic way of looking at it, of “Oh since you’re stretching that leads to length gains and since you’re forcing blood in jelqing that’ll lead to girth,” is wrong. There’ve been plenty of hangers for instance, reporting girth gains, plenty of jelqers reporting length gains, and so on. Also, when you’re jelqing you’re stretching as well though to a different degree, at least I do when I dry jelq.

Erect jelqing’s a whole other thing but I think it’s still somewhat relevant here too. Because there are different theories where the erection percentage in which you jelq will affect your length and girth gains. I think most people believe stronger erection jelqs contribute more to girth, and lower erection jelqs contribute more to length, but I personally disagree with that. 17ml is the most blaring example; he jelqed at very low erection levels but has had phenomenal growth length and girth wise. But there were many other factors to consider as well.

Sometimes it frustrates me, because very cheap affordable studies could be done in the field of PE, but it just wouldn’t be a profitable thing. If grass cured some disease would anyone be interested in putting money into studies to prove that, to then sell grass in a pill or whatever? It could so easily be done, cheap controlled studies in the field of PE, but no one’s really interested, and we’re sort of left in the semi-organized chaos of the internet. Pills and surgery are so much more profitable. Anyway, I’m interested as well in what people have to say on this. Erection strength I think being an important factor to consider.

Maybe guys with strong cords (dorsal thickening?) can’t gain length from jelqing - I’ve got a cord that takes all stress from every stretch, and have gained only base girth - but not all cords are created equal.

Different guys/penis types probably do better with different routines. How do cords affect length gains? Well, here’s a poll:

POLL: Tough cord on top of your dick taking all the stretch? (Septum? Dorsal thickeni

I agree that jelqing’s tendency is more towards increasing girth rather than length. But someone in this forum made a comment that jelqing plays a vital role in length gains. That jelqing is needed to cement’s one’s length gains from stretching or hanging.

Nice thread, it really struck a chord with me.

No seriously, you say yourself that there’s a component of stretching in jelqing when you do the strokes. That means that jelqing can cause length gains. However as you are suggesting, it’s harder to imagine how expansion on itself can generate stress on the cord. I see your point. As a side note, I have gained girth from a stretching only routine, that was pretty weird.

The cord phenomenon have gotten a lot of attention lately here on TP.

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My routines have always been 75-80% jelqing heavy and I have had NO problems gaining length. Now, early on (first 3-5 months), I did not gain any length but I also found myself jelqing with an erection level that was too high. Jelqing with a 20-40% erection level will give you length gains.

Well again, can length gains come from jelqing, yes, if you break down the septum with stretching.

Imagine this, the whole theory on length gains from jelqing is: break down the tissue-longitudinally- in the blood chambers of the penis, and those cells over time regenerating to eventually hold more blood, I.e. Getting length gains- your penis Chambers will be longer and can hold more blood=longer penis.

But the septum is not a blood chamber—going back to the basics of PE, the theory of “divide and conquer”.or you can only get as much gains from your weakest link. Your blood chambers can POTENTIALLY hold all the blood in the world length wise, but the penis will never get that long in the erect state, UNLESS the septum lets it do so. Unless the septum is broken down so it too, can become lengthened.

As I stated earlier in the thread. Some people may think they got length gains from just getting a stronger erection- thats not actual growth, thats just a stronger erection,
Also, length gains may come from jelqing at very low erection levels, at a downward angle, but those length gains aren’t coming from the basic principles and concept of JELQING- expanding the blood chambers inside the penis to hold more blood.those length gains from jelqing at low erection levels downward are LIG GAINS, LIG LENGTHENING. Those are not gains from the concept of jelqing, those are gains from STRETCHING the penis, as if you were doing a BTC stretch.

IN MY OPINION, initial gains lengthwise from jelqing are from strengthened erections, not growth, which misleads people to keep jelqing hoping for length gains, but those gains never come- unless your breakdown the septum, doing A and V stretches or fulcrum stretches or fulcrum hanging.

HERE IS A GOOD COMPARISON: years ago, out of my own immature nature, put a condom on a bathtub faucet, and ran the water. The condom expanded so long and wide it was actually funny— the condom filled up half the bathtub before it broke.

—Imagine this as your penis, and the results you could get from jelqing, expanding the tissues length and girth wise. BUT, say you tie a rope 6 inches long from base of the condom to the tip of the condom.I could put that condom back on the faucet and run the water all I want but it will never get more than 6 inches long, because the rope won’t let it. Same goes for your penis and Jelqing. You can jelq all you want and your penis may have the POTENTIAL to get longer, but never will GROW longer unless you lengthen that rope-the septum. Divide and conquer.

MY POINT FOR THIS THREAD: is simply that the old adage of how JELQING is the ultimate exercise to GROW your penis 1-5 inches in just months of 30 minute daily workouts—all over the internet —-is merely impossible. If that were the case, WHO WOULDN’T just jelq 30 minutes a day for 6 months? We’d all have 10 dicks by july!

I did! For 6 months, and got nothing.I am a veteran in PE.eventually after those six months of wasting 90 hours of virtually just massaging my penis for nothing.grabbed the head of my dick pulled it straight out, felt the “chord” in my dick, the septum, and laughed at myself for wasting the last 6 months of my life. HOW THE HELL WAS MY PENIS SUPPOSED TO GET LONGER ALL THIS TIME, IF THERE’S A DAMN ROPE TIED TO IT?


Originally Posted by the tiger
MY POINT FOR THIS THREAD: is simply that the old adage of how JELQING is the ultimate exercise to GROW your penis 1-5 inches in just months of 30 minute daily workouts—all over the internet —-is merely impossible. If that were the case, WHO WOULDN’T just jelq 30 minutes a day for 6 months? We’d all have 10 dicks by july!

Nobody HERE is saying that. But I’d be willing to bet my house, car, job, etc. that if you jelq for 30 minutes a day for 6 months, add in some reasonable resting time AND your technique is sound - you’ll gain AT LEAST 1/2” in length as well as any girth gains that you might get.

I think you need to give this thread a read - Movin On Up

DICKO— My point is that length gains from that form of jelqing, are really lig gains- from stretching, not length GROWTH from jelqing, somewhat different gains in PE.

Enigmatize— Were you also doing stretches during your jelqing routine? And notice when your erection level was down to 20% you eventually got length gains.possibly from stretches the ligs. Not growing the penis—the basis for the concept of how jelqing works.


Here, to make all parties happy.IN MY OPINION..

If your going to jelq for length gains, be sure to stretch as well. Don’t waste your time, doing jelq only.

This is the NEWBIE forum, and for newbies there can be misconceptions, NOT neccessarily here at THUNDERS, but misconceptions all over the internet that JELQING GROWS MORE PENIS- GROWS LENGTH GAINS.

Just to be safe, STRETCH while you jelq.especially V and A can’t hurt.


(I have been at PE since May of 2004. I have done numerous routines of hanging, stretching, and jelqing at all variations of rest days or lack there of, over my PE history, and I am just looking out for Newbies to try and get the best results, because PE can be very frustrating-especially for people that put in the time, and don’t get the results.—-I am a hard gainer. I know)

Interesting thread.where can I find the different stretches? I can never find the stretching page I am a ditz. Tiger, you’re a hard gainer? Did you gain anything at all and how consistent were you in your PEing?

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