To Those Focused on Length Gains Who Have Dorsal Thickening

Wondering how much in length gains those of us with dorsal thickening have had. To those of you wondering what ‘dorsal thickening’ is, in my opinion ‘Tweaking’ has given the best tactile description so far: “For me, though, if I feel from the top I can clearly feel the cord and what feels like it branching to form the chambers of the CC on each side. If I feel from the bottom (I have to press my fingers in with reasonable force) I can feel like an upside-down valley, as if the CC’s chambers are meeting one another more completely at a more dorsal/upper portion of the penis, and the edges of the ‘valley’ I can feel extending outwards to form their respective chambers.” Many, including myself, feel that this cord is the limiting factor in their quest for length gains. Amazingly, some report having this cord and others report not feeling it. If you don’t have it, it’s a good thing and should bode well for the ease with which you can gain length. If you’re wondering if you have this, this thread (Knowing whether you are limited by Dorsal Thickening/Septum) gives a good description of the phenomena and should help you figure out your case.

I setup this thread to see how much length those with dorsal thickening have gained and to help us kind of consolidate all methods of PE that help to overcome dorsal thickening. The poll will help us with the big picture but then I’d like it if those with dorsal thickening took a moment to write a short reply detailing how much they’ve gained, if they believe those gains were newbie gains, and what routines they felt helped them overcome the seemingly inelastic nature of the “cord”. Please follow this format:

BPEL Gains:
BPEL Gains Outside of Newbie Gains:
Routine(s)/exercises/paradigms that you believe helped you gains length despite dorsal thickening:

I’ll start:
BPEL Gains: .875 in
BPEL Gains Outside of Newbie Gains: .25 in
Routine(s)/exercises/paradigms that you believe helped you gains length despite dorsal thickening: Going back over my routine thread, it looks like I made non-newbie gains when I started hanging SO and fulcrum hanging (ligament focused SD hanging did nothing for me as I believe I had already full expended my ligament gains). I did not use an IR light back then, so it wasn’t a continuously heated workout which I believe would have resulted in even more gains. I have no gains (yet) to back it up, but I also believe that pre-fatiguing the circular layer of the tunica albuginea through focused exercises would help to focus more of the stress from length exercises/hanging on the longitudinal layer of the tunica albuginea as well as the longitudinally oriented fibers from dorsal thickening.

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