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How to properly measure girth

How to properly measure girth

I have been PE-ing for two years, and I am obsessed with accuracy. Having said that what is the proper way to measure your girth?

How tight do you pull the tape measure? For instance I have a good sized vein at the bottom that makes the tape measure look slightly looser on the side, do you compress it?

When measuring base girth do you remove any excess skin with the tape measure?

Also I am wandering if anyone has increased a lot in flaccid girth without increasing in erect. I have been trying a method that was suggested in one of my previous posts (longer jelqs with lower intensity), and I have increased flaccid and semi-erect by about 0.3 in the last few months without gaining erect girth. Is there a way to push out those erect gains?

I would make sure it fits around decently. You don’t need to measure it too tightly because the penis is flesh so measure it how you would measure your biceps or your waist with a belt.

This is how I do things. :)

P.s I just use string and measure it for my girth since I do not have measuring tape!!

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I agree with GG dont pull too tight, but be snug. I would measure 4-5 times to be sure. If you dont have a soft measuring tape, use the string.

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You want to be consistent, so use the same approach each time. Fit the measuring tape, but don’t make it too tight because you do not want to compress the tissue. There is no “bone-pressing” when measuring girth!

Measuring tape tends to yield a larger value than a string. I use a 3 mm wide strip of paper and mark the girth at three different parts on the shaft, then measure the marks with a ruler and make an average. It’s more work to do, but I can track the changes in the shape of the shaft.

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Thanks for the replies all! Any suggestions on base girth? I think I am just not going to remove any excess skin, since that littlle bit of closely attached skin probably makes it’s way inside a women anyway. Also I don’t see people pulling it aside when they measure pics on here.

There should be 2 separate measurements


In my opinion there should be 2 separate measurements for measuring EG. One with measuring loosely and the other tightly. I only know my own unit but I know that there is some give and mine is pretty rock hard. From watching porn it looks like some guys are pretty soft. Sooo … when it comes to “doing the deed” the squeezed measurement combined with the NBPEL are what will affect intercourse the most.

Not squeezed EG and NBPEL would be a way to measure visual measurement. BPEL measures what’s visually hidden and Squeezed EG shows how much give/difference there is in functional erect girth?

Does that make sense?

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I find a standard measuring tape is hard to be accurate with because of its width, so I cut a thin strip of paper, probably only an eighth the width of a tape, make a small mark with a pen where the end of strip is when it’s wrapped snugly around my unit, and then lay the strip flat on the table and measure from the end of the strip to the pen mark.

Originally Posted by Norsey
I find a standard measuring tape is hard to be accurate with because of it’s width, so I cut a thin strip of paper, probably only an eighth the width of a tape, make a small mark with a pen where the end of strip is when it’s wrapped snugly around my unit, and then lay the strip flat on the table and measure from the end of the strip to the pen mark.

I’m most likely going to have to resort to this method, since I don’t have a tape measure and only a ruler. Sounds like it’ll give an accurate measurement, though.

It’s funny because I actually get more with a string than a tape measure, maybe I am doing something wrong though. In some ways I feel like a string is better because it molds to the curves, and veins more easily than a tape measure. With a tape measure, it’s either keep it really loose and get an inflated measurement, or pull it tight, and compress too much.

You could get a tailor’s tape at Walmart for like $ 1.60 . Thats what I use to measure my EG. I just wrapped it around my shaft and when it naturally stops thats what I record. IS that the wrong way?? maybe I need to start doing a snug fit but not too tight where I’m not compressing my dick.

I use a very thin piece of ribbon which I have drawn couple of reference marks on.

I found that the soft measuring tape was so thick it actually added .3” to .4” to my “true” girth. So I read as 5.2” MSEG instead of 4.8” that I really am.

I personally am more concerned with accuracy than being able to put with big numbers in my signature. Ultimately though, we are tracking the gains, so any method should be fine as long as you do it consistently.

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Hey, I’m curious about something, I usually measure with a string of paper, but when I close it up to read I get two different measurements depending on the side of the penis I close the string, for example, when I measure closing the string on the upper side of the penis /(the side we usually see when we see our penis from above) I get a way lower measurement than if I close the string from the lower part (the part we don’t see)… I get 4.45 - 4.6 if I close it on the lower side but if I do on the upper I get just 4.2… I have noticed that the lower side of the penis is easily compressible while the upper is not. Does this means that I should take as the right measurement the measure that I get by measuring the upper part?

Please, an answer will be thanked.

Hi Dedalus,

You may find that you are compressing the Corpus Spongiosum when you close it on the top, which is giving you the smaller measurement, if I were you I would measure closing on the bottom side, this way you will get an accurate measurement each time and be able to see any change that occurs.

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