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Done. Hope I got it right too.

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Always glad to help.

In this case, I’m not sure this campaign even matters. From the quality of the site, I’m pretty sure they aren’t getting any repeat traffic. It would be one thing if they were selling something or had useful information, but it seems like the average person gets linked to the site and clicks on a few reviews before realizing it’s bogus (and written by a nonnative speaker).

Here’s something I found:

The number 1 and 4 hits for “sexhealthreview” come up with a gossip site saying something about Britney Spear’s ex boyfriend being a tester of the products (and that it turns out to be a lie). It’s not like they have credibility anyhow.

Nothing besides the “thunders plac” one.


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Penis postings

I saw a website on thunder someone posted.I can’t remember the site but it was a site where one can post pics of himself and see men from all over the world all different ages which makes up all different sizes and shapes .was hoping to post someone help! Thanks


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