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"I'm Back" after 1 year break!

"I'm Back" after 1 year break!

I am getting ready to start a routine of jelqing and stretching after a 1 year break. I had decided to take a break last April because I hadn’t gained anything for about a year prior. I would like to ad another .5 x.5 to my current size. Wish me luck!


Good luck, 1 Quest!

I’ll be returning to action shortly, after a 2-month break taken for the same reason.

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Welcome back and good luck to you.

Current: 8+ x 5.5

soon to be nine.

Good to see you I hope you get a quick gain

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Welcome back 1 quest. Might I suggest that you track down a few of the threads on “extended breaks” or “deconditioning”. You should find them helpful and you may be able to add to them.

Best of luck to you!

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Hello and welcome back 1 quest, good luck on achieving your goals! Do you feel you lost any gains you had made previously during your year off?

Hey quest,

Nice to see you again. Enjoy gettin bigger.


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I’m sure that many of us will be interested in your observations as you return to action. Please do keep us posted.

Where are you looking for gains? Length or girth?

This is the question you need to know and find the answer to. I would suggest concentrate on one or the other.

Good luck on getting that .5” in length and girth.

almost 2 months back at it

I really thought after a year break, starting back up would be more like the first time? But none of the deep sore feeling, or the unexpected twinges like before. That feeling like it was getting broke down, and then healing back slightly bigger every time. Its like I only took a month break. Im talking about heavy jelqing and stretching exercises. Something is happening though my mid shaft girth is at 6” now, up .5 but nothing in length yet. I think when you hit your potential it is hard to gain from there on regardless of taking breaks, changing routine, or what ever. I will keep after it though and work for a full 6” girth and at least another 1/2” in length.


Good luck

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> Something is happening though my mid shaft girth is at 6” now, up .5 but nothing in length yet.

Have you gained .5” in girth in less than 3 months? Is this an all-time new size or regaining some you lost? Please provide more info on your PE history.

Maybe you can add something to this thread. I added a link there to this one.

Good luck to you, what enlargement will you use

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