IPR Question: Higher Traction ADS & IPR...

I’m not sure whether to continue wearing my extender (a Penimaster) because I’m afraid it’s going to be conditioning me against further gains and/or disrupting the Micro-P phases of the IPR Micro-cycles.

I’m currently practising the newbie routine but I don’t know whether I should wear an ADS that’s strong enough to cause fatigue, for the potential gains from distraction histogenesis / cell mitosis, and whether or not those gains are worth it.

I’ve been studying Xenolith’s progress thread closely and have been closely reading through BeardedDragons also, but I still don’t have a definitive answer.

A similar question to those here were posed in the Finding Xeno thread but Xenolith didn’t respond to that post and no answer was given.

My plan is to stick with just my cock coils during Macro-P phase, but I’m wondering if I should be wearing an ADS that’s causing fatigue during the Macro-I phase, with a view to generating gains through distraction histogenesis / cell mitosis (my assumption is that if I’m feeling fatigue then distraction histogenesis / cell mitosis should be occuring; I’m not sure if that’s a correct assumption.)

Is the gains to conditioning ratio (gains:conditioning), with an extender set with enough force to cause fatigue, such that I should just avoid fatigue through ADS completely, or is it worth doing?

And, will using an ADS, at strong enough tension to cause distraction histogenesis / cell-mitosis, disrupt the Micro-P phases of the IPR micro-cycles?