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Is your PC muscle strong enough to...

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Is your PC muscle strong enough to keep you from ejaculating during sex?

No, and I have no interest in it.


No, but I’m exercising it with kegels to be able to.


Yes, I could, but I rarely do.


Yes, I can and I usually do.

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Is your PC muscle strong enough to...

… withhold from ejaculating and endure as long as you want?

In case, how long have you been exercising it with kegels?

I was doing Kegels for years before I ever tried to stop myself from ejaculating. I think it would probably take several months plus lot’s of practice. You’ll need a couple months of practice while masturbating before it will be successful during intercourse.

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Why not practice during intercourse?

I can do it. However, I have to take a short pause (~15 secs) in order to keep me from ejaculating. I rarely do it, since it does not feel as good as a proper orgasm and it becomes close to impossible to orgasm for me afterwards. I keep my erection, but intercourse becomes less satisfying. But it can still be a nice treat for the ladies..

Training wise, I suppose it takes two months tops. Regular training every day (I recommend your commute, since you can do it limp and with nobody noticing) and you will feel the difference. On a side note, a strong PC-muscle can give you better orgasms, at least in my experience.

If anyone is able to orgasm, keep going and orgasm again, I would be happy to hear about your technique.

Please explain something to me, is this withholding from ejaculation using PC muscles any different from squeezing the PC muscles so hard that the ejaculate is redirected to the urinary bladder. I can only do the latter and I lose some wood because of that.

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I wish You all kinds of gains!

If you squeeze the PC muscle in the moment of ejaculation, you get what you say - a retrograde ejaculation.
If you keep it tighten during intercourse (meaning it’s maintained ‘squeezed’ before you climax), you avoid ejaculation at all and you can thus postpone the inevitable.

edit: I think the principle is quite simple. The PC muscle acts like a pump, during orgasm its contraptions propel semen out of the prostate. This also explains why exercising the PC muscle with kegels gives a wider range with each spurt. If you tighten it in the very same moment you have semen out of prostate - but not yet out of the penis - you actually ‘suck it back’, and it’s pushed in the urethra.
If you keep it tighten for the entire period you just make it impossible to release the sperm, and nothing happens.

I have been kegeling for years and still have 0 idea how this could keep you from cuming. If you stop fucking and kegel (like all guides say to do) then it wasn’t the kegel, it was you stopping stimulation that kept you from cuming.

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Originally Posted by LordVayne

I have been kegeling for years and still have 0 idea how this could keep you from cumming. If you stop fucking and kegel (like all guides say to do) then it wasn’t the kegel, it was you stopping stimulation that kept you from cumming.

Well, I can assure you that it is not (only) the ceasing stimulation that keeps me from cumming. I am well beyond the point of no return when I do it and it is quite a different experience than a standard cool down. It is true though that I have never been able to do it without stopping. I think it is a combination of concentration and less stimulation. But I would ejaculate for sure if I did not kegel.

Actually there was a time when I almost could - meaning I could keep it tightened strongly enough to avoid cumming, without stopping intercourse.
Too bad I could only keep it that way for a few seconds, sometimes 10, sometimes 20 (at most); then it was not really a matter of muscle strength, but will.

Knowing that the most pleasurable feeling in life is a just a whisper away, and you can deliciously fall in a blissful state just by relaxing that one muscle…
Apart from the capacity to keep going, anyway, the real benefit was the resulting increased strength of the orgasm; the more I kept it tightened, the more incredible was the orgasm - making it harder and harder to resist!

Essentially what happens when I attempt this(it does not always work) I get to the point of no return and I hold myself there. When masturbating I don’t let go of my dick but I stop stroking it and I kegel as hard as I can and hold for about ten seconds remembering to breath and relax the rest of my body. Generally when I first began practicing this I would do it in the same manner but a few drops of ejaculate would make its way out anyways. It would feel as though I had “half orgasm-ed” but like I was still aroused and ready for more action. Now I have gotten to the point where no ejaculate is released whatsoever but I still feel the orgasm up until the feeling of release. It is like I am on the precipice about to go over the edge but I just stand at the cliff and then take a few steps back. I can then go towards the edge again and stop with all the intense feelings of being about to cum without actually cumming.

I did this practice masturbating so that I could be sure that I would stop cumming before my girlfriend. Now when we are having sex I go through the same process, I feel like I am about to burst and I keep myself buried inside of her and tell her not to move, kegel as strong as possible and wait for the feeling to subside before I continue the action. If however during this process she moves and jerks around with me inside of her then I cant hold it back no matter how hard I kegel, i trip over the edge and the second the kegel is released then everything must go. The stopping of stimulation is key for me but hopefully soon I will be ale to surpass this. I have been able to move closer and closer to the edge before I have employed this “technique” with some successes and some failures. All in all though it has led to a better sex life, longer durations of sex sessions, stronger erections, and more powerful orgasms. Increasing my size has been great and I continue to move forward but thus far using this has been the biggest step forward in a healthy and enjoyable sexual experience.

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