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Jelq Questions.... Discoloration Question...

Jelq Questions.... Discoloration Question...

What do you guys prefer….manual jelqing or jelqing with a device, such as the “power-jelq”? Would it be good idea to start with manual jelqing first, then work my way up to the device? Like switching from acoutic guitar(to build finger strength and dexterity) to electric guitar…ya know? I’ve been using the device from the start for five months now, and I was just wondering if I’m missing anything.

Also, is it normal to get some discoloration of the shaft after jelqing for a while? I noticed that my skin looks a little darker than normal lately. Does this discoloration mean that it’s working? Am I actually doing this right? Or is that a result of something incorrect?

If you intend to buy a power jelq its probably good to do about 2 months jelqing first. The power jelq puts a lot of pressure on the penis so spending this time with manual jelqing will allow you to build up some resiliance in your penis and some understanding of good jelqing technique and penis anatomy (dorsal nerve for instance).

I have a power jelq and don’t use it. I don’t think it can be considered as better than jelqing by hand. Some people find that keeping a good grip up is hard and in this way it helps but if you have a good quality grip its unlikely to improve on manual methods. Some use the power jelq because they get a better grip on the internals of the shaft and can more effectively apply a stretch whilst jelqing (though this is quite possible with manual methods).

Minor discoloration is fairly normal. Doing a good warmup/cooldown can help.

Try reading through the FAQ and the newbie forum for some very good info on the basics. I know you’ve been PE’ing for 5 months but its really easy to miss good info. I learn a lot form the newbie forum.

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