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Discoloration Question

Discoloration Question


I pump for 30 minutes, 6 sets of 5 minutes, just venting the tube for a few sconds between sets. I do this twice a day for two days, doing some manual stretching before and 200 wet jelqs afterward. I use 5 inches of Hg.

If you really look at the timing, I am doing 4 sessions in a 36 hour period, followed by a 36 hour rest.

I usually get a little donut and some red spots on my shaft that persist for the two days I pump, but go away on the day I take off. By the time I begin my two day routine again, there are no spots and no discoloration. I never have any discoloration on my head.

Also, I plan to follow this routine for four weeks, then lay off the pump for four weeks and just do stretches and dry jelqs. This is primarily because of my work schedule.

My question is this: will I accumulate discoloration over time by doing this?

Any comments on the routine also appreciated. So far (about 6 weeks) I think I have been getting good results. Last measurements were pretty good.

It’s hard to predict. But for me, I find that the longer I stick to a constant routine, the more I adapt to it and it causes less and less discoloration. This assumes that you hold the routine steady and don’t add more time or pressure.

If you find your discoloration is accumulating, you may want to make some changes, such as just going once a day for awhile. I can’t begin to tell you how many routine changes I have had since I began PE.

Red spots are an indication that you are busting capillaries.

Discoloration occurs when hemosiderin from the blood begins to accumulate in the surface tissues.

I think it would be wiser to drop your vacuum to where the red spotting stops…that is extra insurance against discoloration.

In my opinion the right vacuum is the amount that will cause expansion during your routine, but not enough to produce spotting or much lymph migration.

I would suggest 4 in hg, and see if you get as good results, but without the spots.

It is very likely that after a few months you may be able to bump it back up to 5 with no bad effects.

By the way, it is a well thought out routine…how is it working for you?

On your day off…if you are in the zone…you should get a fairly heavy long flaccid hang. If not, you may want to trim it down a little until you see that.

Of course, the real indicator of progress is PROGRESS! If you’re making good gains…forget everything I suggested! :)

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