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Length Gains From Girth Exercises (Post Your Experiences)

Length Gains From Girth Exercises (Post Your Experiences)

I’m interested in staying around 8” to 8.5” bpel so I’m wondering when I should switch from length to girth exercises.

Right now I’m 7.125” bpel and have heard that some members who have concentrated solely on girth (having done no length exercises whatsoever) have gained up to an inch in erect length (mainly through clamping).

If I don’t want to exceed 8.5” bpel, at what length should I switch to girth exercises?

(I was thinking of switching to girth exercises at around 7.5”bpel)

Length gains from girth exercises will vary widely from guy to guy. I think gaining 1” in length from clamping is rare. You might try adding some girth exercises to your length routine once you hit 7.5 or so, and see where it gets you. Do both length and girth work for a while and see how your penis responds. If your length really takes off, you might cut way back on your length work.

But frankly, I think you’re being overly optimistic. Length gains become very difficult after the first inch or so.

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On girth and length.

Girth excercise such as pumping and clamping are a SUREFIRE way to get expansion and stretch of the tunica….

Its why I always said I found I get better length after pumping and/or hanging and getting into the pump.

Alternate each. Pumping/clamping will indeed get more expansion of the tunica, and length excersizes wil be more productive.

I started a routine that consisted of dry jelqs (70%+ erection), orange bends, and a little clamping about a year ago. I did this for about six months and although this should be a girth routine, I gained about 3/4” in length and very little girth. Some on the other hand might have done this and gained only girth. Within the last few weeks I’ve been doing some aggressive clamping and have gotten a nice little quick gain in girth. The simple answer is that what results from PE varies from guy to guy. When you get to the point where you’re working girth, give clamping a shot. Here are some good threads:

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