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Lig pop from 100% erect stretching beneficial?


Lig pop from 100% erect stretching beneficial?

Note-very dangerous newbies don’t try this.

This is not my first time I got a lig pop, in fact I got it four other times. The last time I got a lig pop was doing DLD bundle blasters; where you twist your dick all the way around then do a fulcrum stretch with that; I popped it 3 times in a row. Once in a while, I do erect stretching just because I think it might be beneficial to growth. While stretching my penis all around in every angle, I notice I have a lot of tension around the 8 o’clock to 7 o’clock angle pulling straight. I was stretching quite hard using both hands with all my might. After one minute of erect pulling I got a nasty lig pop. It feels as if you are dislocating your penis from your body, quite freaky and dangerous if you do it fully erect. I took a one minute rest then I worked up to another full erection. I still have the tension I had at that angle. I thought it would have been looser by now, but even though I continued to stretch that bastard hard I couldn’t get anymore lig pops. I stopped after fearing I might do some damage.

I have some questions for all the veterans, should I continue to do this kind of stretching or is it too dangerous? Is erect stretching beneficial in getting gains? What’s the difference between flaccid and erect stretching? In flaccid stretching, you first get gains in the flaccid state, then finally the erect state. But doesn’t erect stretching provide a short cut to all of this? We want to get a longer erect penis, not a longer flaccid penis.

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Good question. This is something that I have on my mind. I used to do some erect stretching after I got hard from flaccid stretching. I always thought that this should work too. At least it seems to be pulling the ligs with similar force.

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Call me biased, but all I have to say is this.

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Damn man that’s terrible! I just checked myself for any pain, I’m good so far. Oh well, back to flaccid stretching for me. I hope you’ve fully recovered. What was the final problem you had? Was it a torn tendon or a lig? Did you consult with a doctor?

I didn’t consult a doctor but I really should have. I just don’t have insurance or the means to pay out the ass for a clinic.

Everything turned out fine in the end. I did, in fact gain something like 1/4-1/2 of an inch in length from the whole ordeal. I don’t really know if it was worth the pain but it is certainly the more favorable of all possible outcomes. But I can’t stress enough how much I don't recommend erect stretching. Just imagine the pain, worry, and embarrassment and multiply it by 5.

"It's not the destination that matters. It's the change of scene. " - Brian Eno

I wonder if one can get the same damage while doing flaccid stretching?

With enough force, probably yes. I think that pulling an erect penis creates a stronger pull/stress on the ligs and adjacent area.

"The Lord giveth, the government taketh away."

The most I will do when 100% erect is move the penis around. I move it straight up and touch my belly then gently move it over to each side as far as I can go and the down as far as I can go. Seems to put some stretch on the ligs and or tunica. I also sqeeze a bit. Nothing to the point of pain.

Is this bad?

When I have an erection and I pull it down it makes a crack just like that of cracking knuckles but it does not hurt is this a lig pop?

Originally Posted by sperminator
When I have an erection and I pull it down it makes a crack just like that of cracking knuckles but it does not hurt is this a lig pop?

I do this very often, my wife hates to hear it. I say it’s a lig pop.

If I, while fully erect, push my penis downward as much as I can (as if your forcing a lower angle of erection) I get lig pops. By doing this a couple of days in a row (3-4) I gained 1/5 of an inch instantly and permanently, I didnt even need to cement it, but after that, that technique didnt give me any more gains.

Mike 2002 , how much have you gained since you started PE?

I once slept with a guy who used to be able to do lig pops every time he moved his cock with force, almost like cracking knuckles, one day he did it and he had to go to hospital and they had to give him an injection to take the swelling down, this was bad swelling! Not good swelling!

I was always told not to crack knuckles as a child, maybe my mum knew something I didn’t! :-)

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I hope that tiny mobile phone is inversely proportionate to the size of your penis

Oh my holy crap! I ALWAYS do some intense stretching to my morning wood (and the rest of my body), just because it feels so damn good and relaxing. Didn’t actually know that a ligament could burst!

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Call me biased, but all I have to say is this.


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