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more on those red dots

more on those red dots

A lot of us get those tiny red dots pretty regularly from PE. For me, I can predict precisely when I’ll get them… any time I take a day off, the next time I work out (I’m going strictly for girth now, btw) the red dots show up very quickly and without a whole lot of stress on my unit. The days after that first day back on I can PE as intensely as I want, for as long as I want without dotting up… but that first day after a day off they show up very quickly, dozens of them covering the entire shaft of my cock.

I’ve read here that many guys believe the red dots show up when you’re putting more stress on your cock than it can handle at the time (“macro-tears” as opposed to the “micro-tears” we’re looking for… correct?). I’d like to delve into this a little bit further… if a guy (like myself) gets them regularly and predictably, can he learn something about his ability to handle the PE stress, heal, and incorporate that into a smarter routine?

I’ve been trying to work through the possible solutions for myself over the past several days. Does my situation mean that I need to move to a 5 on/2 off routine instead of a 3/1? Or would a 4/1 routine be better, with the first day on being a light day? Or maybe no days off, with a light day mixed in every so many days?

But then again, if the red dots are actually a sign that I’m putting the stress on my cock necessary for it to grow, maybe my situation means that I need to start doing a 1 day on/1 day off routine.

As you can see, I’m going in circles. I’m hoping that someone who knows a little more than myself might be able to hypothesize better.

I really don’t know why either for sure, but I have had a hypothesis also. I always figured that on your day or days off, you healed and the red dots went away, but the healed tissue was new and not as strong as older tissue. Therefore under stress, it was easy to rupture.

What I do that works best for me, is after my hot wrap, I start my routine very easily and slowly build up pressure for say the first 5 minutes. Then I get into my full pressure routine. I not only do this the first day back after a break, but everyday. It is my warm up after my hot wrap.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.


Okay… so your theory is that: for veteran PE’ers who are long past the initial PE “injuries”, the red dots are from: 1) new tissue which is not yet strong enough to handle the stress, instead of 2) older tissue which has been weakened by previous PE workouts.
It would appear that, at least in my situation, this might be the case. Otherwise the red dots would show up after several days straight of PE, when the tissue would be the most stressed. Unless my dick is healing so rapidly that just a single day off causes it to revert back to its pre-PE ability to handle the stress (which doesn’t seem possible).

Now, if the “new tissue” theory is true, then it might provide a solution for the “how many days on/off” dilemma for each individual… at least as far as girth work is concerned.
If, in my case, I worked hard for 2 days, then took a day off, if I didn’t see any red dots on my first day back on, I might assume that I hadn’t worked long or hard enough on my days on to promote new growth.

The next question is, if the “new tissue” theory is correct, why is it that during my 2nd day back on after 1 day off and 1 very light day, do the red dots not appear not matter how long/intense my workout, even though the previous day’s workout shouldn’t have done much more than re-weaken the new tissue?

Ya know, I might be making a big deal out of nothing… but something about the regularity and predictability of those little red dots makes me think that my cock might be trying to send me a message that I haven’t deciphered yet. And no, I don’t think that message is that I need to warm up better… I do a very good warmup every time I work out. Long, hot wraps, followed by 5 to 10 min. of light dry jelqing starting at <50% erect. The amount of pressure I use is very light, slowly adding pressure until I feel I’m ready for more intense squeezes. On my first day back on after a day off, I’ve been even more cautious about warming up, but the red dots show up during the first few minutes of light, dry jelq warmups.

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