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My opinion on the science of PE

Hey number7. I don’t neccassarely think 2 inches is the limit but I do believe that there is a limit that one can gain in size before functionality of the penis is comprimised. Everyone is different. That limit can be 3 inches gained over one’s starting size or 5 inches over one’s starting size. The point is there is a limit before structural integrity and vascular integrity is comprimised.

(Starting size) (NBPEL: 8 Inches), (BPEL: 8.5 Inches) (BPFSL: Didn't measure then), (Midshaft Girth: 5.2 Inches), (Base Girth: 5.5 Inches)
(Current size) (NBPEL: 9.3 Inches), (BPEL: 9.7 Inches), (BPFSL: 10.3 Inches), (Midshaft Girth: 5.8 Inches), (Base Girth: 6.35 Inches)
(Final Goal) To be the next Mandingo LOL.


If we’re just growing our penises rather than adding to it, then the supporting structures would get noticebly weaker; though I happen to believe we can compensate blood wise.

In images and resizing it’s a general guideline that you can’t increase an image more than 140% without someone noticing. At 140% it begins to become apparent that supporting structures of information is insufficient for the algorithm to output a clear image. That however doesn’t stop someone from resizing it to 200%, but it just expands everything and looks terribly pixelated and splotchy. Oddly enough I think something like this can be applied to the thought of getting bigger and not adding more. Considering that we’re dealing with the “full amount of the image” we also need to deal with “the full amount of the dick” (ie. Volume) rather than just length and girth separately.

In regards to the penis, 140% of 10 cc is 14 cc. If you start off with a larger penis I think there’s reason to suspect that there is more interweave of structure. So a penis that starts out at 15 cc can go right up to 21 cc before the first signs of structure integrity being lost. I don’t see any reason why someone can’t double their penis size though.

When I feel my penis, while it is equally as hard and and feels bigger, it doesn’t feel like there’s “more” penis persay. Just that’s it’s in an expanded state. Though “feelings” aside, I’ve only gone from 10 cc to 13 cc (roughly).

Good thoughts Saiyan. I would probably disagree with the whole vascular system and the body not having enough blood to support a bigger penis. The body has an incredible ability to adapt to change. If you’re PEing for 10 years, your heart is adapting as well to keep enough blood supplied to all parts of the body. Also, the brother who said to do more cardio was spot on.

I think the main problem those tribesmen who have enormous 15 - 20 inch penises which are useless is because they didn’t do things the right way. Good penis health is very important - jelqing, kegels, etc. - in order to keep the blood flow into the enlarged penis. Overdoing it and causing macro damage is a big reason for loss of EQ. The tribesmen who hang 30 pound rocks from their units do so by noose type hangers which kill the nerves or the other tribesmen who wear the rings on their dongs never remove the things as far as I know - probably the worst thing for circulation. I think the key is to not overdo it and not cause macro damage and to exercise your penis each day by jelqs and kegels will help keep any growth strong and erect.

Serious starting point: Nov. 2, 2009/BPEL 5.75 x 4.75 inches.

Current BPEL 7 1/2 x 5.5 inches.

Goal: BPEL 8 x 6 inches. Hell, if I hit 8, I'm going for 9!

So at 18, I probably am still growing naturally right?

Most definitely. But at 18 you are doing yourself a HUGE favor if you’re PEing. I wish I knew ten what I know now.

Serious starting point: Nov. 2, 2009/BPEL 5.75 x 4.75 inches.

Current BPEL 7 1/2 x 5.5 inches.

Goal: BPEL 8 x 6 inches. Hell, if I hit 8, I'm going for 9!

About the blood flow and affect on the heart: If someone is a body builder and adds on a lot of muscle weight it would seem that this would have a much larger impact on the heart instead of a 2” gain in one area of the body compared (multiple inches all over the body with muscle gains). Same with slim person gaining 100lbs of fat - obesity does affect the heart. I just find it hard to see that a 2” gain or more could affect the heart.

Thanks for the support and opinions guys. Hey Swift. When I say over 2 inches I don’t mean it set in stone. What I should have said was there is a limit to how much penile enlargment one can gain before vascular complications and structural integrity problems happen. That limit is purely individual. One guy could double his penis size with no problems and another guy can gain 2-3 inches and have problems. Purely individual. The chances that any of us will run into problems like this is pretty slim any way because not many people have gained 2 - 5 inches over there starting size.

With the bodybuilding issue you are right. If you start out at 200 pounds and you put on 70 pounds of muscle in 4 years, now you weigh 270 pounds. That extra muscle tissue will cause your heart to work harder to pump blood to the extra mass. Now obviously 70 pounds of fat is going to be more damaging then 70 pounds of muscle but either way the heart will have to accomidate the extra weight and mass. I can gareentee you that top professional body builders like Jay Culter, Ronnie Coleman and Markus Ruhl have harder working hearts then normal people to pump blood through out there 285 - 320 pound bodies.

(Starting size) (NBPEL: 8 Inches), (BPEL: 8.5 Inches) (BPFSL: Didn't measure then), (Midshaft Girth: 5.2 Inches), (Base Girth: 5.5 Inches)
(Current size) (NBPEL: 9.3 Inches), (BPEL: 9.7 Inches), (BPFSL: 10.3 Inches), (Midshaft Girth: 5.8 Inches), (Base Girth: 6.35 Inches)
(Final Goal) To be the next Mandingo LOL.


That’s what I’m trying to say ^^ There will be a significant difference in how the heart is affected by a few inches of penis vs many lbs of fat or muscle, and most likely a very minute affect on the heart from penis enlargement. This is of course not my expertise, just trying to say that worries about heart affects by the penis should be the least of worries of men who are more likely to gain weight (or to hold their current excess of weight) and stress their heart from that.

If you add two stone of muscle your heart/lungs compensate to handle this, we know this happens otherwise all the top body builders would be dead. So it figures to say the body will do exactly the same when you increase the size of your member, after all our bodies main priory is to adapt to keep us alive :)

15/03/10 - Starting size (6.0" length x 5.0" girth) Progress Report

03/09/15 - Current size (6.5" length x 5.5" girth)

??/??/?? - Goal size (8.0" length x 6.0" girth) Syler wants a bigger dick to hurt you with!

I think EQ has little or nothing to do with size of penis (unless we’re talking about extreme examples). Just look at saiyan, his penis is huge by any standard and he has no EQ problems whatsoever. It has a lot more to do with psychical state (arousal, being stress-free, etc.) combined with physical state (working out, healthy nutrition, enough sleep etc.). If I got it right, saiyan lives healthy which helps a lot.

Reason why we see a lot of big dicks in porn that are not rock hard is because male porn stars must have strong erections, great staying power, erection on command and such, but if you’re freakishly big, you don’t have to meet all the criteria, i.e. you don’t have to have very strong erection and you’ll still get the roll thanks to being exceptionally large.

I think that the reason why a lot of the freakishly huge pornstars aren’t very hard in porn is because they do heavy pumping and have damaged their EQ by over doing it or have lots of buildup immediately after the session going into the shoot. Plus, it looks as if some of them have their suspensory ligament cut making their erection hang down which adds to the visual effect of low EQ.

Your heart and vascular systems are very robust and adaptable. I very much doubt any amount of PE, no matter how extreme, would put too much stress on a healthy heart to produce a strong erection. Many other factors as Upto7 has listed have a much greater effect, the majority of them being just general health guidelines.

My suggestion for anyone who is experiencing low EQ is to take a short break from PEing (such as 3 days to a week) and start incorporating more cardio exercises into their daily routine. Throw in a little weight lifting and a better diet, and I’m willing to bet that most people’s EQ will quickly skyrocket while also creating better physique to compliment a better penis.

The amount of blood in question is so small a percentage of the total that actual penis size will not be a factor.

Starting Stats - 5.5 BPEL x 5.6 EG

Current Stats - 5.7 BPEL x 6.5 EG

Goal - 7 x 6 (with hopefully a large flaccid hang)

Boner - correct! Those who are concerned about more heart work needed to sustain the erection of a bigger penis aren’t engineers, for sure! You need just the same blood pressure in the penile arteries for a small and a big dick to get the same hardness, which means the same heart fatigue.

Some more thoughts:
Lowered erection angle after penis enlargement is normal even if the ligaments wouldn’t have been lengthened. Elementary mechanics: a longer and heavier shaft sustained by the same ligament (having some natural electricity) will hang lower.

I said it earlier too: newbie gains seem to be related to plastic deformation, while further gains have to involve some tissue growth. Considering gains over 1” (guesstimation) there should be blood vessel lengthening, urethra lengthening and nerves lengthening. I’d like to hear the opinion of medical specialists relative to how much those tissues can be stretched based only on elasticity!

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

Guys, - about the cardiovascular system and growth:

Don’t forget that the heart is pumping 5 liters per minute, and if you exercise, this goes up until 25 liters per minute.

A small, big or gigantic dick really does not make a noticeable difference for the cardiovascular system.

Later - ttt

After some search on the internet I found that it is high possible for heart to enlarge in order to keep in big demands which is no good at all.It is like a athletes heart and it is the main reason of athletes dying.


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