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My year end report plus a lot of questions

My year end report plus a lot of questions

OK I’ve been wanting to make a topic like this for awhile but just haven’t gotten around to it. Hopefully now that I have I will get some helpful responses. First I’m going to post my year end report, then my routine, then some questions I have.

Well, I started out this year about 6 1/2-6 3/4” NBP, around 7 1/4 BP. I’m very happy with my results so far, as I’ve been able to increase my length to almost 7 1/4 NBP and almost 8 BP. However that was without even PEing the whole year round (I’ll tell why in a minute). I’m hoping to reach atleast 8 NBP by the end of next year. I don’t measure girth much because for now I’m focusing on length, unfortunately I think my girths only at around 5-5 1/4”. I’ll measure it again later.

I started the year doing a slightly modified newbie program. Unfortunately school caught up to me and I had to stop for awhile. During the summer months, mainly July and August, and a little bit of June, I started getting in about an hour of PE (half hour each of jelqing and stretching) about 5 days a week. I saw some great gains there, almost getting me up to 7” NBP. Then I had to take a break again because of school and trips with my family. However for some of October and all of November and December so far I have been on a new program. It consists of one hour a day for two days a week, then 20-30 minutes a night for the other 5 nights, which adds up to 4 hours of PE a week. I’ve seen a 1/4” gain in length in about 2 months so far. Will I still be able to make continued gains with this sort of program, or will I need to add more time eventually?

1. I have mainly been gaining length with my program, even though for the most part I jelq a lot as well as stretch. Is there any way to add girth at the same time as length? Or should I just wait until I have the length I want?
2. How hard should I be stretching for my stretches? As hard as possible, or a light tug?
3. Should I add some more variety into my program? All I really do right now is stretch and jelq for that amount of time, and they’re just basic stretches. Should I start adding in some unique stretches? If so, what exercises would you recommend?
4. With my starting stats (around 6.25-6.5” NBP x 4.8-5”) what kind of gains are possible in say 3-5 years? I want to someday be 9-10” x 6-7”. I know those are some huge gains to make, which is why my original goal is 8” NBP length. I don’t know I guess I’m just wondering if I could accomplish my bigger goals by a time where they would still be usable (so not in 30 years hopefully).

When you measure, do you guys measure while standing or sitting down? Also, go you make a 90 degree angle from with your body and dick or do you point it straight down? Because I normally sit down and point it straight out from my body. Also, for girth you measure at the largest point excluding the head right?

Well, I know this was a long post, but if some of you can just answer at least some of my questions, I’d really appreciate it. I seem to have a lot of questions for someone who has made such good gains lol. Well, thanks to everyone and thanks for Thunders for helping me so much already!

Girth is midshaft.

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Modified Ulis are good for girth. Pumping is as well. Slow jelking at the erection level where your cock is fat but still pliable helps, too. Your cavernosal chambers are then plump and you are milking a good deal of blood up your shaft, expanding the chambers on the way.

Stretch to a comfortable degree only. Stretching isn’t supposed to hurt. When you do your stretches (flaccid) do them in all directions like at the numbers on a clock, and straight out, too.

I measure while standing, it just seems easier.

My crystal ball is cloudy today. I cannot predict your gain potential. When my crystal ball is clear I can’t even predict what my own gain potential might have been if I hadn’t stopped active PE.

Other guys will chime in with their own ideas on your routine.



Great gains man, and all the best for your goal!

I do a variation of the jelq squeeze for girth, I use a cock ring while I power jelq. It is not on so tight as to prevent inflow/outflow of blood. But snug enough to keep enough blood in to create a better engorgement while jelqing.

Question #3: Should I add some more variety into my program? All I really do right now is stretch and jelq for that amount of time, and they’re just basic stretches. Should I start adding in some unique stretches? If so, what exercises would you recommend?

If you have gained .25” in the last 2 months, I wouldn't change a thing, until the gains stop.

You guys are lucky I hope I get some gains like these, keep up the good work!

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