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Need Advice - Post workout girth same as normal girth...problem?

Need Advice - Post workout girth same as normal girth...problem?

Hi everyone, I’d really like some advice, particularly for guys who have gained a good amount of girth. My girth workouts typically involve Ulis, Erect Bends and Erect Jelqs, this usually leads to a few red spots here and there the next day. However, during and after my workout my max girth never really changes, perhaps an extra 1/8 inch if that. I’ve heard of guys expanding 1/2 inch during a girth session!

Should I be concerned with this? Is my workout even effective anymore? Or does this mean I’ve reached my max girth (hope not)? Perhaps it’s time for my to try clamping, I’ve had no luck getting cable clamps here in Australia unfortunately…anyhow I would just appreciate anyone’s views and ideas, anything at all. Cheers guys!

How long have you been PEin? since 2002? with breaks I’m sure.. All I have to say is I didn’t see real girth gains from manual work, so I started clamping and gained an inch in girth, and still going strong, looking forward to a 7 inch girth beast of a cock. It’s been about 6 months maybe. Clamping is no joke, do it right and you can have a monster wang.

Yeah many breaks from my join date, I know I have gained girth from the manual exercises because now I have a slight baseball bat look (maybe 1/4 inch less girth at the base). My unit is fairly well conditioned, I’ve been doing pretty extreme ulis, bends and erect jelqs all year basically.

I think you’re right hoffy, and it’s time for me to start clamping. I’ve been saying “I’m going to start clamping” for a year now, time to make it happen…quite excited about the idea actually! I’m 5.625 girth right now, I hope this will get me to 6!

Awesome gains too mate! 1 inch girth is such an incredible difference! I’m honestly quite happy with my length (7.5 NBP & 8 BP) but I want that 6 inch girth so badly!


Cable Cuffs are now available at your friendly Bunnings Store in the electrical section. :D

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