New Stretch Variation

OK guys, I had been having some trouble learning the JAI stretches. I ran into a post where a guy was snapping his dick as a PE technique, so I modified that into what I call the ‘whip n’ JAI’. Here is how you do it. Take the head of your flaccid dick and lift it upward, then snap it down quickly like a whip. This will make your dick do a whip-like action into a pretty good static stretch.

Now you just start the above process over, pulling the head out just a LITTLE BIT further and do the whip again. You will notice the manual stretch is intensified. Keep pulling out a little more and doing this whipping of your flaccid dick until you reach almost a maximum static stretch. Remember, for now you are only working on whipping your dick from up to down, which will give you a stretch either straight out or slightly down depending upon how far you whip it.

Now for the addition of the JAIs. We are now at almost max static stretch, so the next time you whip your dick you will be at, or very close to, your maximum stretch. When you finish your whip, hold for 2 seconds and relax. While you are relaxing just keep lightly shaking your dick in the up and down direction so it gets kind of a ‘slinky’ effect. After 5 or 10 seconds, whip again and hold your JAI for 2 seconds. Repeat this for as long as you are comfortable.

A couple of things I have noticed. You will be able to continue to intensify your JAI as much as you want. BE VERY CAREFUL because it is easy to overestimate your max stretch. I have been able to do this ‘whip n’ JAI’ straight out, down, to the right and to the left- but haven’t been able to do it up very effectively. Feel free to experiment. OK, that is the technique. Good Luck :)

Please be careful if you choose to use these techniques, as they are potentially dangerous if done over-zealously. As with all PE techniques, it is possible to seriously hurt yourself if you are not careful. The techniques described above are capable of exerting extremely high pressure on the tissues involved. Please DO NOT get carried away as the possibility exists of tearing a ligament or injuring other tissues. USE CAUTION AND MODERATION, as it will require an extended period of time to learn not only the techniques, but also the proper pressure to use- BOTH TECHNIQUES REQUIRE FOCUS. If you choose to use these techniques, it is at your own risk and discretion. I present them for educational purposes only

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From: 'Happy Gilmore'