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One Month of no PE

I’m making better gains since my break, than months of active PE… I’m pretty happy, but also pretty confused.

So far, my outlook on breaks is very positive.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Do not be confused. Lets face it when you PE for two years straight and several times a week, you erection will not be as good. Yes, it may be thicker and maybe even longer but the erection will not be as rigid. When you take a few days off you will notice a difference because you are not PEing

I have PE’d straight for the past three years and I have had awesome gains. I never get discouraged because when I am done in the gym, I come home, shower, then PE for one hour. It is not a job or task, it is a lifestyle. Those who can not become as dedicated to this art, as we have, might make gains but will fall short of the finish line. Many years in for myself, I am nowhere close.

Originally Posted by KillIt
Many years in for myself, I am nowhere close.

Yeah dude, I know that feeling well…

Trust me when I say it would be easier for me to continue with my exercises than to not - this break is an active process, in that, every night, I say to myself, “a few jelqs won’t hurt any.” I consciously have to convince myself NOT to PE, and I’m seeing results, oddly enough :)

Call it what you will, but I’m moving up on my measurements, and that’s something that just was not happening while I was PE’ing. Hopefully, I gain till my break is done, then jump right back into it.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

kazooplayer, remember that the body adapts to stimulation in order to accommodate it, and/or protect itself. So PEing will cause your penis to become far more resistance to exercises in my opinion. I know I gained ALOT from a month off, far more than I ever did while exercising(except for my first month of course). If I were you I would completely take a month off, yet try to have frequent erections during that month to allow healing to be a quick as possible. Hopefully it will cause your tunica to degrade slighlty(I don’t know whether this is biologically possibly or not), so that you can hit it when it is down, after your break.


Is your break over? If so, how did it go? If you are still on break, how is it going? What gains have you made?

I started my regime again in October, but I’m taking some time off again, as I haven’t gained while exercising. The hope is, I will cycle work periods and rest periods, and gain that way. I’ll let you know how this second rest period goes.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Does anyone know for sure if P.E. gains are ever completely cemented? I know there’s a thread in the archives about permanance but I don’t think there where any definative conclusions. I am wondering about this as I have just restarted P.E after a three year break, unlike some of you lucky fellas I dont much enjoy P.E. and am pretty daunted by the thought that if I gain I may have to carry on P.Eing for the rest of my days just to maintain. Anyone else ever wonder if its realy worth it?

Grow yourself a whopper, then tell her to fuck off.

Nice to hear that you gained some girth(hopefuly it was girth) in your time off, how much was it? Ive been doing the newb routine for 3 months and no gains in girth whatsoever. I get frustrated when I see people with 1/4 girth increase in the newb period. Makes me wonder what I am doing wrong.


What changes did you notice after your first month off? Did you notice any changes in addition to gains?

I went on a break a while back for a few weeks after I had reached a plateau. Only disappoint was I lost a bit of girth due to poorer EQ. When I started back I couldn’t even do 20 jelqs before I started to get red spots! I eventually got used to it a little more and can tolerate the manual exercises now, and have regained my original girth. I do think this may be key for my future gains, because I still can’t do half the exercises I used to and am the same size as when I took my break, except for my 1/4” length gain. :)

Pre-PE: 6.5" BPEL x 5.0" EG-------> Current Stats: 8" BPEL x 5.25" EG-------> Goal: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG - 7" BG

Doki-Doki LOLI POP CHAN! Sugoi Desu~~~

I actually had a bad experience with taking a decon break. Basically, I took one while I was still gaining because I thought it might be a good idea to take preemptive action against “toughening” up from PE rather than waiting until my dick had gotten “tough” and then having to decondition it. I thought maybe if I took regular breaks before getting overly conditioned, then I could always gain more like a newbie rather than be doing PE at the slower rates of growth of someone with conditioned dick. In other words, I thought I could avoid ever getting “conditioned” by just periodically taking occasional breaks.

The problem is that I was gaining well right up until I took my first decon break. Then I didn’t PE for about 3 months. And then when I came back it actually too more weight to get any of the soreness I had used to get at low weight, and, on top of it, I haven’t gained more than maybe .1” in length in the year and a half since then.

So I almost feel like taking a decon break may have been the biggest mistake I ever made. I often wonder what size I would be right now if I had just continued to PE rather than doing what I did.

Originally Posted by here2learn

What changes did you notice after your first month off? Did you notice any changes in addition to gains?

Better EQ, as I was never overworking my unit. Hmm, other than that, more time to do other things, I suppose :)

And I’m sorry to hear that vkn.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

But how much did you gain? Haven’t you measured your unit yet?

A deacon should be ok if all the gains are cemented I guess, still not yet there though, just began this year.

Originally Posted by Enich
But how much did you gain? Haven’t you measured your unit yet?

I gained about an 1/8’th of an inch during my decon break. Not great for some, but anyone who’s been at this as long as I have (or longer) knows how much an 1/8’th can mean.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Well, 1/8th for doing nothing it’s a good gain. Now you can restart with refreshed motivation :)


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