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Even the medical community acknowledges that a healthy diet and exercise goes a long way to improve erection quality. Accordingly, a healthy dick with good EQ is better equipped to react positively to PE exercises. However, this theory does not take age into consideration which is the thrust of this thread.

DT-with all due respect, the diet/exercise theory (more like proven science than theory) becomes vital as we age. It’s the major plank in my efforts in PE; what’s the point of a big dick if you’re too tired to use it? I also would take issue with the notion that someone who’s willing to commit to both a physical fitness routine AND a PE program too, could be characterized as someone seeking some ‘easy road’ to anything. My work ethic in both areas are leading to the desired results. Like anything one truly wants, the quality of the journey mirrors the beauty of the outcome. P.S. I’ve discovered a wonderful supplement produced by Natrol, Inc., (find at www.natrol.com). It’s a potent combination of Hyaluronic Acid, MSM and Glucosamine. It’s serving the duel role as providing building materials for healing the penis and larger muscle groups post-workouts and reducing recovery time so that I can resume PE efforts with shorter breaks. The quicker recovery occurs because MSM reduces inflammation. I measure at the end of each month, so I’ll let you all know whether or not this addition is helping. I should also mention that I’m taking this 4x’s a day (w/food) and in combination with a 500mg time release Vitamin C.