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Penis head exercize, need opinions/advice

Penis head exercize, need opinions/advice

I’ve been doing a self-invented head exercize. It’s basically like a Uli, except done when fully erect. I do a Uli as normal, work up the shaft but also use my other hand and kinda “mash” the head, and when I come all the way up the shaft, the head seems to expand as well, until I let go of the head. It’s a VERY intense feeling, so I go ultra-slow and watch carefully to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong.

My question is, will this do anything for me? It SEEMS like it’s doing something, but I’ve only been doing it for a week so I can’t tell any real difference, yet. Also, is this a dangerous exercize and should I stop?

If this won’t do anything for me and sounds like a dangerously bad idea, can you guys give me advice on what will work for a thick, fat mushroom head? I already have one, it’s nice and proportionate for my size, but I would like it a little over-proportioned…because having a bigger head is more fun to suck on, from what I’ve heard, as well as other things. =)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. =)


Does this help any?


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