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But maybe you’d then have that extra bit of time for PE on your hands. Incredible gains would lurk just around the corner.

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

Originally Posted by Mr. T
I actually never mentioned this I don’t think but I might of. Something that has traumatized me till this day is when I lost my virginity to this troubled heroin abusing bitch. From what I have heard I was her 101th dick. I wore a condom, so I am fine, and I got tested for STDs anyways six months later out of paranoia. At the time I managed my dads carwash and I took her in the equipment room to fuck.
I had severe performance anxiety and I only new her for a few days; so I didn’t quite yet feel comfortable with her. She was crazy and wild as well; the craziest shit would come out of her mouth.
Well anyway, as soon as I took in the equipment room she yanked my pants down before I could blink and started rubbing my dick to a semi erection and she demanded me to turn off the light.
At this point, practically shaking from anxiety, I begged for a BJ because I thought my dick didn’t look big enough and I wasn’t horny.

I think I said to her ” common suck it, I am way bigger then this”, and she said “It’s FINE!”
When I heard these words, it really made me feel like a bitch, and at this point I still have a semi erection and she refused to suck it because she said she didn’t feel like it and it’s work and bla bla bla.
She then ordered me to turn off the light, so I did and I began to fuck her missionary in dark. I then bust my knee on a pipe threader ironically as I am laying pipe and grunted in pain. I told her, ” I am turning on the light, I can’t see a fucking thing”. At this point, she puts her pants back on and refused to let me finish. She then later told me ” that I felt like a little boy in her arms”. I hung out with her for a month after this, and all she did was use me for money and fuck my friends and fuck up my car. She wouldn’t let me hit it again, and even had the nerve to tell me that my friend, who I know has a smaller dick then me and is a ugly loser, gave her a better lay. I think this bitch fucked my mind up.

She was likely referring to your clumsiness and the talking you were doing when referring to the little boy comment. My first time was at 16, with a 36 year old woman. I asked “is it in yet?”. We all do and say embarrassing shit man. Stop tripping, your dick is fine man.

I'm consistent in spurts, but gains are undeniable!

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Originally Posted by Anduru

Damn invisible, your insight and perspective on things just blows my mind. I hope you talk like this to your friends, the world we live in needs more people like you.



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