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Penis Size Debate website question

Originally Posted by GirthQuest
I almost exclusively watch amateur porn to shield myself from demoralising monster wangs. I think I have seen 2 sub 5” girth cocks in all the vids I have viewed…

Porn in all of its forms screws with our perceptions. Determining girth from a video is more difficult than determining length; and determining length is hard enough. I have seen a good deal of amateur porn as well, and my estimations put the majority of guys in the 4.75” - 5.25” girth range. It is all a guess anyway since there are few tape measures in porn.

Perhaps what GirthQuest sees as all being 5”+ in girth is correct. Could this easily be explained away by self-selection bias? If not then perhaps it gives some credence to Mr. T’s assertion that 5.25 is average, if not statistically, then perhaps perceptually.

I tend to trust the statistics though (including our own SizeDB) that claims average girth is slightly less than 5”.

Mr. T, in addition to porn and the PSD site, could another factor in your perception be your increased size. You are now firmly in the above average category (statistically) in length and girth (perhaps even “big”). This is what you see whenever you are erect, therefore this size is now the norm for you; your “average” if you will. This could be skewing the way you perceive size.

It has happened to me. I have a cardboard tube cut to 7.5”x5.5” from a paper towel roll. This was my original goal with PE (and still is…maybe). I used to think it was huge, but as I creep closer to attaining that length it is starting to appear much shorter than I used to think, although I logically know that it is not.

Length for show. Girth for "Whoa"!

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Originally Posted by Mr. T
Thick cock and mgus. Mgus: I meant average is small to ME, and I’m sure many others on the site would agree. Thick cock: I never said an average penis can’t satisfy a women, I meant it won’t satisfy me as an owner or the whore that has to suck and fuck it. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure there are women out there who are attracted to small dicks; I can’t see how, because they are very unappealing and less pleasurable then an above average unit (6.5EL + * 5.25EG +). Some women out there will even think 5.25EG is to small for them. It is the truth and there is nothing that we can do about it. In all honesty, I don't know what the majority of women think about penis size.

A common pattern to your posts seems to be to speculate on basically no evidence, find the worst possible interpretation of a situation, and then project yourself into your worst fears. If you don’t know what the truth is, then why are you assuming the worst?

Originally Posted by Mr. T
I personally believe it is natural for a women to prefer a bigger penis do to the evidence of sexual selection. Yesterday when I typed this thread, I was wrong about 5.5EG not being considered big, because it is big. I personally now think that anything under 5.25EG is getting on the thin side and anything under 5 is in the pencil department. So I honestly don’t think the majority of women would be happy with a man under 5 inches of girth. I truly hope I am wrong, but from the visual aspect anything under 5 inches is visually not arousing IMO. I am sure there are a group of women who are turned on by small penises, but most women want a thick lengthy penis to stare at, play with, and get penetrated with.

If under 5” EG is a pencil, then about 70% of men are walking around with pencils.

Originally Posted by Mr. T
I understand now that an 8 * 6 is truly are rare commodity, but watching porn for so long has made this size look average to me. Maybe the reason why I think average penises are tiny is because of the porn and not because they are small. I’ll leave it that because I don’t want to offend anybody, including myself, because I naturally have an average EG.

That’s one possibility, but I suspect there’s more to it than that. You seem to be deeply invested in mentally torturing yourself and it’s unfortunate that knowing the truth hasn’t helped you. Here are some past posts of yours:

Originally Posted by Mr. T
I think there is a correlation between penis size, with success and self confidence in life.

Mr. T - penis size and success

Originally Posted by Mr. T
It has to have relevance to success.

Mr. T - penis size and success

Originally Posted by Mr. T
…sometimes feeling inadequate can really make you miss out on certain opportunities. Certain opportunities that could open possible doors to riches.

Mr. T - penis size and success

Originally Posted by Mr. T
I know if I had a foot long I’d conquer the world.

Mr. T - penis size and success

Originally Posted by Mr. T
A co-worker of mine wants my cock, and I won’t give it to her until a gain a little more girth. I think I am crazy, and my big dick obsession has got out of control. Can someone say something to me to make me feel better, because I feel like I am losing it. I am not depressed or anything like that, but I need to be happy with what I have; and I think I may need some help.

Mr. T - Are we forever changed?

Originally Posted by Mr. T
My biggest fear is that it may not be [big] to a promiscuous little whore.

Mr. T - Penis Size Debate website question

You might want to look into therapy. It could help you get over your self-limiting beliefs and would probably have more of an impact on your life than PE. I’m not saying you should stop PE, but it could be years before you get to the size you want. There’s no need to be miserable during the time it takes. There’s also the danger that you’ll still be unhappy even at bigger sizes since your fears would simply find a different external manifestation to fixate on.

More specifically, you really shouldn’t have this much of a hangup over some hypothetical random “whore” you may or may not screw someday. To invest so much of your self-worth on the opinion of someone who will likely be at most a one-night stand and who you clearly don’t respect isn’t a healthy frame of mind and likely not even the real issue. The real issue, I suspect, is deeply rooted self-sabotage for reasons only you know (or perhaps you don’t, in which case therapy would be even more helpful). Speaking of self-sabotage…

Originally Posted by Mr. T
At this point, I feel this needs to work in order for me to live my life to the fullest. I realize I have psychiatric problems and probably should get some help, but the section in PSD about how therapists use despicable tactics to make us feel better about are dicks is just so spot on.

Mr. T - Penis Size Debate website question

You know what you need to do. You can either do it, or you can just keep doing things that will reinforce your negative view of yourself. It’s your choice.

Nice work Invisible. You hit the nail on the head there. That is quite a big pattern of negativity.

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Perception is reality.

Amen. Mr. T, don’t be insulted, but you are just about the most self-destructive self hating individual I have ever encountered. I used to have a similar state of mind, but Thunder’s and my fiancee’ helped alot. You do need to look at the statistics and trust them. All the different statistics seem to put out similar numbers. You need to be basing your opinion on facts and not this self-destructive speculation. The first step, as some here recommended, is to stop visiting that website. It has clearly poisoned your mind, and I do mean poisoned. You’ve got some good stats. Give this a try. Go buy a box of magnum condoms and put one of them on. I’m 6 3/4” NBPEL X 5 3/8” EG and it fit me better than regular condoms do. I was having trouble convincing myself that I had a bigger dick and steelrod recommended this. Anyway, it really got me on the path to seeing that I did, in fact, have a pretty big dick. With your girth, you shouldn’t have a problem at all. If you do it, the next time some woman asks you how big your dick is, you can say, “big enough to fit a magnum condom.” Let us know what happens.

Damn invisible, your insight and perspective on things just blows my mind. I hope you talk like this to your friends, the world we live in needs more people like you.

Mr. T , I don’t know how old you are, but I’d be willing to wager that you’re under 21. Am I right? Just curious

I have never had a woman comment my size.

For chrissakes, they don’t care 1/10 as much as we do!

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by pwpp
Mr. T , I don’t know how old you are, but I’d be willing to wager that you’re under 21. Am I right? Just curious

24. I am more mature then it appears though. The penis issue’s have just really gotten to me though.

Current stats: [7.5 BPEL * 4.9 EG]

GOAL: [8 NBPEL * 6 EG]

Perception is reality.

Originally Posted by Mr. T
24. I am more mature then it appears though. The penis issue’s have just really gotten to me though.

I am 26. At 24 I had more issues with this than now. I find that the older you get the less you give a shit about what other people (girls) think. Don’t focus on your dick so much man. You will be better off for it in the long run. It’s good to do PE as a hobby and for self improvement, but don’t let it define you. You said that you’re good looking and you’ve had sex with over 20 woman. Do you realize the average male has sex with 6 or fewer woman during their entire lifetime? Woman care much more about your confidence, emotional connection and physical attraction than they care about the size of your dick. You’re a lot bigger than average anyway. There are millions of men out there who would swap places with you in an instant. So relax! Enjoy life. Have sex with a lot of women. If a woman is stupid enough to write you off strictly because of your above average penis than she is not good enough for YOU.

Oh and do not ever look at the penis size debate site again. It’s bullshit and designed to bring out your insecurities. I’ve got a hunch that the author himself has a small penis.

Do you have a girlfriend,Mr. T? Because I used to do some PE before I’ve been together with my last girlfriend. But for the duration of the relationship, my thoughts about penis size were gone. It simply didn’t count nor change anything.

This is basically the same thing that coolbill mentioned. Trust me, it simply doesn’t matter.

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

Mr. T,

I will agree with what everyone else is saying here:

https://www.pen … is a TOTAL mindfuck.

In fact, the only reason I EVER got into PE and coming here was directly related to becoming insecure about my size after reading that website. is another one that really fucks with you. Avoid them!

Honestly, if you stay away from those websites and just keep coming here and surround your mind with positivity, you will feel TONS better.

It’s crazy though. I do know how you feel. My dick is a bit bigger than it used to be but I actually feel smaller because of coming in contact with information on those websites.

But here’s some evidence comparisons that I have come across that made me feel better. Maybe it’ll make you feel better too. says you don’t have an A grade penis unless it’s 6.25 girth minimum.


At least two guys on the forum have said that once nearing 5.8 girth, their wives complained that it was too thick and now they both report getting laid less often.

Does that add up? Obviously not.

Also, is a website dedicated to cock size which I’ve mentioned many times. Remember the survey of ideal penis size according to the thousands of female members?

They clocked in a 7 x 5.7 cock as ideal.

So, Jesus, you’re already longer and just a hair’s addition of girth (which you’ll soon have the way you’re going) to PERFECTION!

And I agree with pwpp, millions of dudes would wish for your cock. Think of all the smaller dicks that the girls you have laid had before you.

Anyway, we’re all here to get a bigger dick, so no one should really be pointing fingers.

But let’s enjoy the cocks we have and just keep focused on the giant dicks we will soon have.

I, too, am obsessed and want to wield a 10 x 7.

Won’t it be great when we get shot down by girls for being too big?

Ahh, I can’t wait. :)

Penis Size and Success:

Mr. T, I saw you start a thread trying to connect taller men with bigger dicks and success in life.

I thought I’d add this bit of info too.

Napoleon, who conquered all of Europe, was a tiny man with a tiny penis. It’s a known fact that during his autopsy it was revealed that he suffered from microphallus. The guy had less than 2 inches.

PWPP, great post! :)

Thanks for that post Vagabund. I guess it really is all because of PSD that I have been feeling the way I do. I am still far away from 6 inches of girth, so I felt thin after reading that bullshit on that site.
I don’t understand why the author had to exaggerate the girth numbers the most out of anything on PSD. How many fucking guys have 6.25EG on this planet anyways ( like 10,000)? But then I ask my self the question, that are all men not as ideal as they can be. It is a total mind fuck. I already deleted it from my favorites. At this moment I have never felt better about PE and I know I will eventually have a freakish dick. This is probably why I have been facing my fears head on on PSD. I just have taken it to far.

Lazy wally. I don’t have a girlfriend. I actually haven’t been getting laid really because I have been really focused on school. I did get a BJ though by this Polish chick in that cell biology course. She said she needed some help, so I served her a healthy portion of some greek sausage. Other then that, I haven’t gotten any pussy since the summer. I may find a girlfriend next semester, but she has to be pretty, smart, easy going, and focusing on medicine, pharmacy, or an RN degree. I am looking for someone that I can have a real relationship with and possibly marry one day. So I need this women to have a career that will yield six figures because I don’t want to struggle raising a family on one income. So I am sick of the one night stands and the whores from my space; I just want a relationship. I also need this women to give me space so I can study for about 40 hours a week. And the only reason why I have slept with so many women is because, my best friend who is also a Greek dude has supplied me with all the pussy I can stand. This guy knows a shit load of women. He also has a 8.5 * 6.5. He’s a total ladies man. So he just tells a chick, “sleep with my cousin here; he has an 8 inch cut for ya”. It works everytime. They were all mostly strippers who were all into extasy and cocaine. This all happened from March 04, to about August 04. So I slept with nearly 12-15 women in a five month span. I wish I still hung out with those strippers, because it has been a drought of pussy in comparison these days. So I not some casanova, I just have a compulsive gambling buddy that everyone calls “George the Greek” who has a big stick and knows how to talk to women who broke me off a lot of pieces of pussy. He became a GM of some upscale restaurant in the city, so we don’t have time to do drugs and fuck whores anymore. It was my rock star phase, but it is long over. And no, I don’t have any STDs if you were curious, but I didn’t use condoms for any of the BJs. Sorry for the off topic reply.

Current stats: [7.5 BPEL * 4.9 EG]

GOAL: [8 NBPEL * 6 EG]

Perception is reality.

I’d never heard of the PSD site, and so I clicked the above link. After perusing the site for all of 30 seconds, I can clearly tell that it’s brainwashing material. :rolling:

Saying that you should take everything on that site with a “grain of salt” would be a gross understatement.

Your dick is already well above average, and you can definitely do some damage with it. Be happy that you are good looking as well.

Don’t feed into people or sites that catalyze your feelings of inadequacy. Or else it won’t matter if you have 12 inches of length, and 8 inches of girth, it will NEVER be enough.

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