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Penis Volume Calculators & some lifting pics


Penis Volume Calculators & some lifting pics

You can download penis volume calculators at my site (standard or metric – simple DOS console apps), and I’ve posted a few lifting pics & some dunk pics… :) … com/waxn~world/

have fun,

- wad

Awesome. Thanks wad!

By the way…what’s your secret to being able to dunk?

Funny you should ask.

The main muscle groups involved in vertical jumping are the thighs (quads & hams) and the glutes (buttocks). Of course, whether or not one can dunk will also be affected by other factors – such as height, arm length, over all bodyweight and other genetic factors (such as ratio of white [fast-twitch] muscle fibers to red [slow-twitch] muscle fibers in those 2 muscle groups – thighs & buttocks). But I believe that anybody can improve their vertical jump, and by several inches at least.

What I recommend are BB Squats – but not the way that powerlifters do them (bar low on the back, below the delts; torso bent way forward; and taking thighs only to parallel). Screw that, that’s just for squeezing out every pound you can at a contest.

Do the squats Olympic style – “high bar” (bar up on the traps, at base of neck), torso straight up (perpendicular to the floor), and take it “into the bucket” (as deeply as you can possibly go) – besides, this is the best style of squatting to hit those jumping muscles (thighs & glutes both).

First stretch out well (quads & hams – especially hams, because if they’re tight you’ll put unnecessary strain on your lower back). Start out slowly, always warming up well – especially if you’re training in an environment below 70°F. Do each rep slowly and deliberately, focusing your “work sets” in the 4-8 range for the 1st few months. Attempt a new max every couple weeks. Train like this until you can fullsquat at least 1.5 x bodyweight. This phase trains your ROM for squats, conditions your muscles, and develops the requisite levels of absolute strength for the next phase.

Phase II: 2 times per week (attempt max about 1x per month – but don’t do any worksets that day, just the warmup, then the max, then pack it in).

Heavy Day: stretch, warmup, then: 73% x 1, 77% x 1, 83% x 1, 88% / 2-3 singles;
“Plyometric sets”: 77% / 1 or 2 singles, 82% x 1

Light Day: stretch, warmup, then: 50% x 5, 56% x 3;
“Plyometric sets”: 62% / 3 x 3, 65% / 2 x 3, 68% / 2 x 2

Plyometric sets are to be done: (1) only after you can squat at least 1.5 x bodyweight, (2) have squatted at least a few months, and (3) are thoroughly stretched & warmed up.

How: These are basically “speed reps,” and as such, carry some risk (though I was never injured doing them – and, as you can see, you rarely go above 68% of your 1RM while doing them - and never above 82%). You’re doing fullsquats, as described above, and maintain perfect form at all times. You descend quickly, but NOT “out of control.” You take advantage of the rebound effect at the bottom, and you propel yourself upwards AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. I mean, it’s like a deep vertical jump with a bar on your back. Always strive to ascend ever faster – that’s where the real benefits are (but never at the expense of perfect form).
BUT ALWAYS MAINTAIN PERFECT FORM & BREATHE PROPERLY (inhale on descent, exhale on ascent – never hold your breath while squatting – there’s something I believe is called “Valsalva Effect” which can cause you to pass out – not good, especially with a weight on your shoulders).

A few tips: Try not to let your knees drift out in front of your toes (puts too much strain on patella area); also, don’t allow your knees to drift together, keep them where they are throughout the lift); and focus your eyes on a spot on the wall, and stare at it throughout the movement – also, always keep your head up, never look down at the floor.

I’ve trained 4 guys over the years who desperately wanted inches on their vertical jump – and all of them saw significant progress in 6 months or less.

If you wanted to continue beyond 6 months, then cycling would come into play - although that's a bit detailed for now. If you're interested, give this approach a shot - I bet you'll be very pleasantly surprised.

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I’d like to see a volume calculator which uses girth and width to calculate the oval surface area at the base, mid and below the glans for a more precise volume measurement. My math is a bit rusty though :(


And I thought the secret to your dunk was that 8 foot high basket!!! Just kidding!

How old are you and are those pics recent, meaning are you still into lifting? Where is that location anyway? Looks like some sort of underground stone dungeon in that full squat pic. Your from below pic makes your cock look huge. Very impressive!

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.


Just get a plexiglass tube, closed on one end, about 110% of your base girth and longer than your unit. Fill it with water to the brim and stand it upright. Thrust down into it to the bone. Calculate the the difference between the total cylindrical volume of the cylinder and the amount of water left. since both of these measure will be based on simple cylindrical volume geometry the calculations and measurements should be easy. Curvatures will be handled by adjusting angle of attack and the rigidity of the tube.

Originally posted by gprent101

And I thought the secret to your dunk was that 8 foot high basket!!! Just kidding!

How old are you and are those pics recent, meaning are you still into lifting? Where is that location anyway? Looks like some sort of underground stone dungeon in that full squat pic. Your from below pic makes your cock look huge. Very impressive!

LOL….nah, no 8’ hoop - I’m 6’ 3.5” anyway, if that puts it into any perspective for you.

I’m 39 now. The most recent pic was the one about me dunking at 34 - actually a couple grainy stills captured from a VHS tape.
Oh wait! The cock pic is actually the most recent, lol. Done last year.
That “dungeon” was my buddy’s cellar (the guy spotting me). He was a strong bastard in his own right - couldn’t squat because of an old hip injury, but he ended up hitting 355 in the bench (not competition style with a pause - the way I do mine - but “touch & go”, still quite impressive).
The pic of me seated pressing 225 was done in an old gym I used to attend. I was only 1 of 4 400-plus benchers there. And 1 guy was squatting 675-700 lbs, so it was a serious iron shack.
But….that was years ago. :(

As I always say, “I’m gonna get back into it!!!”

Mabye. :)

Great program Wad! Question though, is the erect length bone pressed, or nbel? Did Kinsey measure from the pubic bone, or pressed to the bone?

"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle


Thanks for the response, bro. This is definitely a program I’ll try out in the future. I’m stuck at a gym because of scheduling for a while where there’s no squat rack, only a smith machine. All in all, file this one into the favorites folder.

The DOS.exe files don’t work in UNIX or MacOSX which is UNIX based. Is the formula: radius (one-half circumference) squared times pi, then the square root of the sum of that, then that sum times length?

Gay 5'4" 150 lbs 5.5 x 5

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I goofed on my formula. Can you please post the correct one?

Gay 5'4" 150 lbs 5.5 x 5

Let me try again.
Circumference divided by pi.
That sum divided by 2.
That sum squared. that sum times pi.
The square root of that sum.
That sum times length.

For me: 5.4” (circumference) divided by pi = 1.72”
1.72” divided by 2 = .859”
.859” squared = .739”
.739” times pi = 2.32”
2.32” square root = 1.52”
1.52” times 6.8” (length) = 10.36 cu in

Did I do this right?

Gay 5'4" 150 lbs 5.5 x 5

Why are you taking the square root?

The girth=2*Pi*r
The volume=Pi*r^2*BPEL

So it’s:


Taking the square root of 2.32 is incorrect. Just multiply the 2.32 times 6.8

The simplified formula would be (Length times Girth-Squared) divided by 12.56637

V= (L x G^2 )/12.56637

12.56637 is pi divided by 4 pi squared or one over 4 pi

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