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Pics of my modified cable clamp.


Wow, glad he got banned…. his attitude was such highly refined douchebaggery its pretty obvious it was done to stir up drama. Anyways, good call on the ban, geesh.

Beretta, Drilla, Tweaking- if you do something similar I’m confident you’ll like it. Its simple and I haven’t used a wrap since.

Originally Posted by UpTo7
3” EG? Highly unlikely. :)

Correct, fortunately. I was 4.5” EG when I started, now at 4.9~”, but I don’t think it’s true growth as much as an improvement in EQ. I’ve never stuck at a routine, ya see.

This kind of wrap is a good idea, I’ve got a brand new thick pair of shoelaces I can’t use (too short for the shoe), which might be awesome for this purpose.

I’ve tried the velcro straps and now I’m using the Cable Clamp. In my opinion the Cable Clamp is MUCH better.


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