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New clamping idea

New clamping idea

Hey guys, so I was trying to think of a way to clamp that would be both safe and easy to do anywhere especially in bathroom. The idea hit me. Gear ties, the strong rubber toes that wrap and hold their shape. Something like this. You can get them at home depot, they are very strong very flexible and Im going to try it tomorroq but my sense is it is safer in all aspects if it does the same that a clamp does. It also has got to be more comfortable. Anyways Ill try it tomorrow and post results. Curious if anyone else has tried this.…CFdUTHwod0vcMsg

way to thin, you need at least 1/2 inch width so they don’t cut into the soft tissue

They make some that are really thick. I was thinking more of making it a wraps of sorts so taking it and twisting in a tight cirle across even an inch or more. I figure you can also clamp, then add another wrap every few minutes. Just an idea, Ill do it gently tomorrow and see.

So I tried this yesterday and a few observations. I did it after jelqing and I was too lubed up to make it as tight as I want. I did get it just right at one point and this was hands down the most comfortable “clamp” Ive ever tried. I ended up wrapping about an inch all together of my shaftwith this “clamp coil” without the lube Im sure it would get tighter and hold better. I was also able to get it closer to the base of the shaft, being a big guy it helped with moving fat pad. I reinforced it lightly with my hand which I like better as I can adjust pressure without hand fatigue for better expansion. I will try again tonight minus all the lube and report back. I think this is really going to work well for another clamp method. It also doesnt scare me near as much as a normal clamp.

Any pics to ilustrate the audience?
You idea sounds great, but I am not sure if the pressure should be the desired one. That’s why I ask you for pics.



Sorry I dont understand the question about pressure being the one desired. I try not to post pics. Think of wrapping a string around and around your finger in a coil. In this case I just used a rubber “string” that holds its shape. It feels 100x better than a cable clamp no skin pinching and I can adjust the pressure with my hand if wanted with minimal hand fatigue. My PI’s after were great which I usually go all the time.

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