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I’m new here so I hope this is the right forum, I ordered the “Power-Jelger” and I have read a few views and opinions here on this great site, I must say some of you guys have great stamina and intestinal fortitued. Heres my idea, lay the Power-Jelger (P.J) in front of you, on a table, open it so one side is flat against the table and the other side is up (spread apart) now visualize the bottom part of the prong bent into the shape of a U or almost an O, the top part is left flat. This would allow the flat piece to still come into contact with the top of the penis and as you apply pressure there would be no where for the blood to go except into the direction of travel. What do you think?

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Hey mvr, for how long have you been using the PJ?

Because after a while those rollers get somewhat deformed from a cylinder to an hourglass shape, thus achieving pretty much the same wrap-around you were looking for.

I agree with xxr, I have been hanging and following with PJ’s for almost 2 wk. now. I have found the rollers have indeed taken on a slight indenture, matching my dick. I need to say, I also found something out nite before last. I had been using baby oil as a lube, well I’ve always felt that your dick slides around a bit to much in the device. On my last pull of my workout, the top roller popped out and the steel portion of the device cut a 1” long laceration into the top of my shaft. Man, you talk about freaked out! Here I am standing in the shower, with a 1/2 boner and blood is gushing from the cut. Well all of the PEing has made quite a soldier out of my buddy. A little cold water, and it stopped bleeding in a few minutes. I applied neosporin and powdered him good. Next morning I was able to do my usual 1 hr. hang time followed by 200 pj’s. I use nothing for lube now, except water. And am still working on my modified rollers for the device. They will be billet aluminum, tapered to accept Mr. Wiener-so he wont want to slip and slide around under pressure. They also should give more all around pressure.

"If you build it, they will come".

I recommend using the Vitamin E enriched Baby Oil GEL. You can pick this up at any drugstore, and it is more of a sticky lube, so you won’t slip and slide as much.

Also, please don’t forget to “re-form” your handles every two weeks or so:


i had just barely received my new rollers, (the previous one had broke on me midway during workout), and it has already broke. i didn’t even use it for 3 workouts! it always seems to be the top roller that keeps breaking. what am i doing wrong? i have only 1 extra roller left and at this rate next week i will be down to none. thanks

Some guys never bust a roller, and some seem to bust the foam every week or two. I really don’t know the answer, but maybe I can help. In deciding what grade of foam to use on the PJ, I have experimented with different degrees of softness. It seems that the tuffer stuff is just much more harsh on the penis, and therefore, I have consistently gone with the soft foam that now comes standard on the device.

However, if you want the foam on your rollers to be tougher, at the expense of it not being as soft, here is what you can do:

I am not suggesting or recommeding that you do the following. I can not be held liable for anything that you do, so please don't do this if you don't take full responsibilty for the results of your actions.

You need a good heat source. If you have a bunsen burner or alchohol burner you can use it, if not get a good bic lighter and a rubber band. Put the rubber band on the lighter so that the gas is flowing, then ignite the lighter so that you have a little torch set up.

Next, detach the roller from the handles and hold it several (6 or more) inches above the flame. Now, slowly lower it to the heat. You will notice that the foam will appear to shrink up and become slick looking. Once it starts to do this, move the roller back and forth (and rotissere style) above the heat source. This will cause the entire foam surface to become very tough, and should prevent it from ever busting again. Be very careful, and go very slowly, otherwise you’ll wind up with a torched roller.

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