Originally Posted by Josh 14-11
Thanks for your input, marinera. Rather than speculating how much ejaculation might affect PE gains (there are plenty of threads on that already), I was wondering how much frequency of ejaculation effects erectile quality. In other words, is regular edging—or regular, albeit partial erections (a part of most PE routines)—sufficient to improve EQ, or does one need to boost frequency of ejaculation as well?

I used to jack off a lot more frequently as a teenager, but it’s slowed down in my 50’s… and so has EQ. So is doing PE (which includes more frequent erections) enough to help EQ, or should I increase ejaculation, too—even though I’m not as “motivated” to do so as I was in my teens?

In my opinion there is a healthy middle ground between being scared to ejaculate because it will slow down your gains or because of your religion, and jacking it so much that the skin is red raw and your dick begs for mercy when you crack an erection. 3-4 times a week seems like a good middle ground. I don’t know where that fits in, compared to what you are used to at the moment.